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Review Club #2 – Beyond Clueless

A few of us got together and watched a movie!! Check our thoughts on Beyond Clueless!


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Welcome back to Review Club!

First up, we have the lovely Abbi, from abbiosbiston:

Writer/Director Charlie Lyne explores modern morality through the medium of the teen movies of the last thirty to forty years with a particular focus on the high school experience. Lyne divides his film into five chapters dissecting different elements of the journey through the teen years looking at everything from burgeoning sexuality to the ultimate transition into adulthood. This is mostly done by introducing a concept and then flashing through a series of illustrative scenes from various teen movies (and sometimes not teen movies??) While Lyne is definitely onto an interesting concept in the idea that we develop many of our expectations for life as well as our moral tenets from the movies, particularly during our formative years I can’t help but wonder if he’s reading too much into films like Idle Hands. And…

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