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*100% NSFW!!*


Vinnie’s Take:

After out last revealing post, Eric and I decided to write about another skin flick from the 70’s. This one is entitled Laura’s Toys and now here’s my take on it. People reading please enjoy it and don’t get too hot and sweaty.

So this fuckfest is about Laura and her husband Walter on an expedition on a Swedish island. Walter is an archaeologist studying rock samples. His assistant Anna is joining them. From her personality, she seems naive and bookish. But in actual fact she is a sexual woman really interested in Walter. Sure enough the two give into sexual desire and have a fuck on a hill.


Laura discovers them and secretly plots her next move. She contacts her former lesbian lover and brings her into the fold in this sexual game.


Lets just say things get hot and heavy in this porno. From the opening shots of Laura’s sunbathing in the nude, we know what we’re getting ourselves into.


A full-on fuckfest, with one lucky dude at the centre. Yes he has a ridiculous attempt at a Beatles haircut, but boy does he get the chicks here and bang them with virility. The 70’s shimmer pervades the visuals with sun-dappled surroundings, bright clothing slowly coming off to reveal pert breasts and swinging dongs.


The acting is not the main focus as always, the vigorous sexual activity is. And Laura’s toys delivers in spades. From the fuck on the hill to a lesbian orgy involving vibrators, this movie is guaranteed to make the member between your legs spring into action. And that soundtrack that features is pure porn groove, with the addition of Yodeling to signify the setting.


So with all that said, these are my thoughts on Laura’s Toys.


Here’s my thoughts :

Are you familiar with the works of Joe Sarno? Yes? No? Crickets? Sarno got his start making sleaze and smut back in the 60s and then really cranked out the output in the 70s when everyone was really swinging and porn was fairly mainstream on both coasts of the U.S. Most of his stuff (that I’ve seen) is usually pretty light on story and heavy on naked women but they also normally don’t involve a whole lot of sex – or the sex is shown off screen. I think his goal was to create an erotic movie and not just some cheap porn dudes could beat off to in cubbies on 42nd street.  And, while the pics up there might look pretty porn-ish, this is actually more about getting people in the mood for lovin’ than just showing a bunch of dicks pumping away like some subway car going down a tunnel. Although – I did read an interview with the only dude in this thing (Eric Edwards) that, while they didn’t show it on screen he WAS actually balling these ladies and he had a good time doing it.


Vinnie addressed the plot so let’s talk about something else – there’s this actress in her named Cathja Graff that is absolutely stunning and, sadly, it looks like she only made this one movie. So – for posterity, here’s some stills of her:


Oh, and:


Mary Mendum (Laura) features in a lot of Sarno’s shit, so I’ve seen her naked 100 times but this Graff chick – what a beauty! Anyway – like Vinnie mentioned, it just wouldn’t  be good soft core if there wasn’t at least one full-on woman on woman orgy, now would it?


ZZZZZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Splurt! Anyway, I always find it good fun to see a bunch of naked people writhing around and giving each other the business but this one has more heart to it than that. If you’re ever in the mood to get in the mood – this one doesn’t disappoint. Or, if you’re interested in studying one of the pioneers of modern smut, here’s a good place to start!


  1. This post explains a lot of things (namely the pictures I saw uploaded whilst drafting our first Pen and Clam!)

    I know this is The IPC but even i was like, these are porno pics aren’t they?!

    Should have guessed my brother from another mother Vinnie was involved!!!

    Love you both! I can’t read this now though lol. I’ll look on my phone at lunch time (safer)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Oh wow – I’m not sure how well this would get my member springing into action (two issues there), but it certainly looks… Interesting? Bloody hilarious review guys! Well done. Not sure I could get behind this though, fuzzy fanny isn’t too my liking.

    Liked by 2 people

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