Isaacs Picture Conclusions



Sorry for this small, additional post today but I wanted to get this out now since I have some special posts coming out this week. 

I’ve had plenty of responses from people who say “they’re in” so let’s go ahead and get ready for it. I’ll start taking submissions right now – so let’s get cooking and run this in July! If you’re not familiar with this, I’ll put out a post soon about the rules and shit – but, it’s a contest comprised of entries from you writing it up about the shittiest movies you’ve ever seen. At the end we’ll all vote on our favorite posts and the winner will receive a coveted trophy cast from the souls of 25 virgins!!  

Please send all submissions or questions to and let’s make this happen!

Talk soon!

Remember – you don’t have to have a blog out here to enter!

(As always, ANY help with graphics such as headers, thumbnails, videos and general willingness to help is GREATLY appreciated!!) (There’s no money in it but you will get paid in oozy, groping hugs)

trophy befitting a champion


    • theipc

      I’ve been very slowly learning over the years about the differences in language. Over here a wurst is a kind of sausage. In that picture, that is not a sausage, it’s a sex implement for two ladies to use who don’t fancy the dong. I don’t understand why they would be using it in their mouths though, if they don’t like the dong but I am dumb.

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    P.S. Put some extra mischief into that next trophy. Miguel still needs a playmate, and he was very disappointed that Luke’s trophy was so tame. It’s your fault he can’t get along with anyone, you know. He’s convinced “[his] lord and savior The IPC” is the perfect model that no living or non-living creature can compare to…

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  2. Fuck yeah! You know I am here and will get some banners and all sorted for you too 🙂 I can’t wait! I might actually have the opportunity to make my neighbour sit on my couch, flinching, waiting for me to whack him over the head for this movie he insists I must watch and I am positive will be my next Shitfest entry! Fun times!

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