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For my first ever collaborative post with Eric (dear Pen) on The Awesome IPC I knew I needed something really fucking special. We both love horror films, over the top action and Sean Pertwee – so the first post decision was obvious.


Yes it was my choice. Obviously. It started from a conversation on The Film Fetishist which I rudely gate-crashed after I read – which complete shock and horror – that Eric had never seen Mean Girls. Even my dad has seen Mean Girls.

So after telling Eric he couldn’t sit with us, we decided to write about it. Which meant Eric had to watch it.

I don’t think he hated it?

In any case, here’s a list of things I like about Mean Girls:

Lindsay Lohan

Half my brain is a kid giggling at goldfish. One quarter is usually thinking about potatoes and the last quarter does enjoy derangement so all rolled into one I’ve seen a lot of Lindsay Lohan films. I’ve always found her likable and contrary to certain belief I think she’s a good actress. And because this is The IPC I’m can use this an excuse to mention erotic thriller I Know Who Killed Me – this film was reeeeeally rude (!) and we can do a #boobs tag now, Eric!


Very quotable film. If I had a pound for every time I’d said “You go Glen Coco” or “Your mum’s chest hair!” (mainly to myself) I’d be rich and be able to spend all my money on mouse ears, totally guilt free.

Something to watch with my mates  

Now it might surprise you to hear, but my girlfriends are not exactly queuing up to watch Event Horizon or The Fog. So Mean Girls is something we can watch and bond over. I also lived in a house share for five years, with three other girls. It wasn’t the same three girls, people came and went all the time (except me…for five years) but our landlord Stanislav didn’t trust boys so it was always girls. No-one wanted to watch Con Air either but I did get heavily into 90210 and Glee. I kind of went off Glee after Rachel went to New York but I still fucking LOVE 90210.

Every Monday evening Stanislav would come round to take our rent. He would also moan about the awful things we’d been doing – like drying our clothes in the hallway or putting takeaway menus in a drawer.

On Tuesday evenings I tried not to do much, maybe go out for dinner or have a night watching films.

But what about Wednesdays I can hear you shouting….tell me what you did on Wednesdays!! Tell us Emma! Well …… (you know what’s coming) …… you know what we did on Wednesdays?

On Wednesdays………………we wore pink.

Good idea.

Anyway, I do like this film a lot. I’ve watched it a ton of times, can put it on day or night and always enjoy it. I’m the opposite of a film snob (a movie moron perhaps?) so I just enjoy it for what it is. It’s got a good cast, sharp dialogue and – the ultimate accolade – is on a par with Clueless, if not even a tiny bit better.

My only grumble is that Zac Efron isn’t in it. But you girls didn’t think I was going to let you down did you? Well luckily I had a BBQ last week and was able to grab this pic. Phew, emergency averted. (seriously, how fit is he and when did this happen?!!!)

Eric says:

So this one day I was minding own business, trying not to be a bother to anyone, and I commented on this one website and then Emma Clam came around and kicked me out of the club and the comment board and told me I had to start wearing pink and then she and the site host started yelling at me like all girls do and they pointed at me and whispered and said “NYAH NYAH NYAH” and then Emma made me watch Mean Girls if I wanted to still be friends so I did because I always want to be friends with Emma Clam and here we are today and:

LL1 I actually liked it – quite a bit – it was pretty funny. Looking at this, did you know I’ve only ever seen ONE Lohan movie? And she wasn’t in it much –> Machete. So, aside from what I’ve read about her, I guess I can’t really talk about her acting skills which, judging from these pictures I found, are sizable.LL2 I thought she did a good job in this. I was REALLY happy to see Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried too. Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Tim Meadows, the janitor from Scrubs – this had a really good cast and I don’t have much to complain about other than that silly song and dance number they do some time in the middle.LL3 I always find movies like these kind of weird – weird funny – I mean did the school you went to have such segregated groups? Mine didn’t – we just all kind of hung out with each other. I mean, I mostly hung out with Scrotey and drank beer but I was always open to spending time with anyone. I guess, I AM a Sagittarius after all. Oh, if you happened to miss out on that copy of Playboy Lohan did a shoot for, which I sure don’t have in my sweatpants drawer, here’s this:LL4 When I went looking for sexy pics of Sayfried for Emma’s post here, this is one of the first things I found and it’s been cracking me up all day:ASGIF1 Then there’s this:ASGIF2 And, of course, this:RMAGIF1 This WASN’T in Mean Girls but I’m not complaining and should just go ahead and post this out here for posterity:RMAGIF2 HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH?????????

But anyway, I did like this movie and thought it was good fun. Good clean fun unlike most of the stuff I put out here. I want to thank you, lovely Emma Clam for signing up out here!!! You are a welcome treasure and I look forward to many good things!! I already know what our next project is and it’s going to be a fucking DOOZY!!!!!

The Pen is out!


      • YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! Could never have done this without you!!!!!!
        “The Pen and The Clam” – it’s brilliant!

        #minions #rainboobs #anfernee #ladysmithblackmambazo #kevinG


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      • theipc

        I’ve been busy on the phone all morning so I’ve fallen behind out here : ((((((((((((

        YOU RULE!!!



  1. Nice work, guys. I thought Mean Girls was pretty good! 🙂 I remember having to go to it by myself as hubby wouldn’t go with me but I’d heard it compared to Heathers so I had to go. It’s fun but it’s no Heathers. It’s good compared to other more current teen flicks. But… it’s still no HEATHERS! 😉 (Emma – I hope you’ve seen Heathers???) 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Lol. “Good clean fun” that you instantly had to made filthy on here with your boob gifs. 😉

    Way to go roping Eric into this one, Emma!!! Let’s see what other girly movies you can get him to watch next. I mean, you mentioned Clueless… 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. abbiosbiston

    How sure are you that Stanislav didn’t have cameras in the bathroom? Also why is Zac Effron so hot? He’s everything I shouldn’t like but I so would… if I wasn’t already married and Eric wasn’t already under my bed doing whatever the fuck he’s doing under there.

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  4. I love Mean Girls too! And Glee and 90210 (the 90s version). I would have to say I like Clueless more, but this one is high on the list as well. I mean it did teach us that butter is not a carb! Or is it?! lol Great post and you definitely made it fit in with the other IPC posts. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • “whatever I’m getting cheese fries” haha!

      I thought Glee lost it a bit when Rachel went to NY. I couldn’t warm to the ‘new’ New Directions as much, I get VERY attached to characters!

      I never saw 90210 in the 90s but I ❤ the new one! LOVE Naomi. And I don't know if this is similar to the old one but it's pretty heart wrenching in places. I've cried a few times haha. And I love the clothes!!!!

      Thanks so much, that's really nice of you to say 🙂 🙂


      • Agreed once Rachel left and everyone graduated it was pretty lame. Like seriously who goes and works at their high school the year after they graduate. Yeah right!! The new kids were nice and all, but I just couldn’t get into it. I didn’t even watch the last season. I haven’t seen new 90210 but my guess is that its very similar. Emma you are so FETCH!


  5. I was going to say Mean Girls was definitely cleaner than all the tits and ass making sightings here today lol, but you got there first.

    Emma, you really are such a fan of this movie!!

    Mean Girls is plenty fun and extremely quotable and much better than you would actually expect of it. Great work guys!


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