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I first published this post in January of 2013…. now that JB and my latest franchise run has run its course, I’ve been wondering what to do on Fridays now. Since we are supposed to have a Summer Shitfest in July, that only gives me four Fridays to go so, with five Dirty Harry films, this should do it. So – today I’ll roll with the original DIRTY HARRY and tomorrow a new piece on Magnum Force!HARRY1

I’ve always been a big Clint Eastwood fan. I know I wrote up some deets on that on my GRAN TORINO article but I don’t know if that will be published by the time this comes out, because I am waiting on someone to add their thoughts for a DOUBLE TAKE. Like I’ve posted or will post, I feel like I’ve grown up with Eastwood and he’s like a family member somehow and since I’ve started doing this, I’ve always wanted to revisit the Dirty Harry series. Well, this one is the first one out of five or six and I don’t think I remember it being the best, but it was pretty good. If memory serves, I think I liked SUDDEN IMPACT the best but it will probably be a while before I get to that one.


I think – think being the operative word here – I think that when people remember Dirty Harry, they all remember the whole “Go ahead…  Make my day.” thing but there was actually a phrase used pretty commonly when I was growing up that came from this movie. This is the “You’re wondering if I’ve fired five or six shots. Well, do you feel lucky, punk? Do ya??” movie. I remember I had a Tee Shirt that had that saying on it – HA! Well – D.H. was pretty good for a movie from 1971 with no big explosions or cheesy one liners. On display here is some good old fashioned machismo, lots of car crashes and a ton of gunfire. Not bad!


The guy who would go on to play the lead in HELLRAISER and utter “Jesus wept” before being ripped into a zillion pieces is The Scorpio Killer in this one.  He wants some money from the Mayor’s office and he’s going to go around killing innocent civilians until he gets it.  Too bad he doesn’t realize he’s gonna have to go mano y mano with Iron Balled, Harry “Dirty Harry” Callahan. Dirty Harry doesn’t cotton to rules, Miranda Rights or the Constitution. He’s here to kick ass and exact justice any way he has to.


And exact justice on this poor fucker he does – TWICE! First he tracks him down and gives him a slight beating in the middle of a football field. But Scorpio gets off on a technicality and kidnaps a school bus full of kids!! Harry says fuck the law and tracks him down again and asks him if he’s feeling lucky and then blows him away! Standing on the side of the river, he looks meaningfully at his badge and throws it in the water! FUCK YOU he says to The Establishment. Roll credits.


It’s been thirty years or so since I saw this last and I can say that I really enjoyed it again. This is the Eastwood I remember most – ballsy and macho. Throwing punches and shooting his Magnum. Driving around with an ape, drinking beer and fist fighting. I still like him as a grizzly old man but this is how I remember him the best.

On a side note – I changed my font to bold – does that make it any easier to read? My eyes are getting old (I have to go to the eye doctor at the end of the month and imagine I’m going to end up with some spectacles) so it’s easier on me – what do you think?


    • theipc

      The last time I worked with this person I emailed him or her once or twice about his or her promises to deliver week after week and this mystery person went on and on and on about how much I harassed him or her in their write-up that I fear even asking about it ONCE.

      Yesterday I spilled Beef Stroganoff on the front of my pants and had to walk around work all afternoon looking like I shit the front of my pants. That was humiliating enough without having to risk the public shaming of me by this unidentified individual.

      But I still have nothing but love for this unknown person.

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      • LOL 🙂

        I dont recall the shaming being that bad… was all said in jest Im sure…….but he or she tells me that despite a horrific sports soccer injury they suffered and being signed off work they are all over it 🙂


      • theipc

        All my best wishes to his or her soccer injury and he or she should in NO WAY need to worry about my shit when he or she needs to convalesce!!!


  1. Lemuel Severance

    when I was a kid I was afraid of the scorpio killer guy- I guess I saw parts of this at too young an age – but you’re right the whole ‘are you feeling lucky punk’ spiel was always better to me than ‘go ahead make my day’… and it’s been a really long time since I saw a better poster than that one up there – phenomenal – well done! take tomorrow off and have some cocktails – cheers to you and to your lil’ pal scrotey too!

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  2. I’ve been a Clint Eastwood fan since I was thirteen and saw ‘The Enforcer’ with my Dad at our local theater. I’ve seen all five Dirty Harry films many times, and for me ‘Dirty Harry’ is still my favorite. Clint just does so many cool things, and I love that pullaway shot when Harry’s got Scorpio on the football field, and the camera pulls up into the night sky and into the fog. I’d say my second favorite it ‘The Enforcer’…it usually gets a bad rap, but being kind of a ‘popcorn movie’, that makes it a lot of fun (it has a nice look to it, too). But ‘The Dead Pool’…ugh! One too many! Glad you still liked ‘Dirty Harry’, though!

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    • theipc

      THANK YOU Todd!! I totally remember that shot. He gives him a slight beating and then a big zoom out. Great shot! Thanks for the comment and I am eagerly looking forward to some more Harry!!


  3. Oh dear – you didn’t end up with spectacles, right? ; ) I don’t even know if I ever saw this. Don’t think so. Haven’t watched TOO much Clint Eastwood. My dad likes him. He’s a “guy thing”. I did love Gran Torino.

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  4. Loved Dirty Harry…..and loved Andy Robinson in it. Although, my preferred “Harry” film is Magnum Force……..a fantastic “bad cop” movie! Although, having said that, were they really THAT bad? I mean they were only killing “bad” people! Maybe Harry should have joined up with them! Now THAT would have been a killing force!
    Back to Andy Robinson. His performance in Hellraiser was outstanding and what a completely underrated Horror film that is………….Definitely one of the greats. The Cenobites make me shudder to this day. Clive Barker……..a horror genius. Check out Candyman tooI
    Nice Blog too man!

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  5. Awesome idea ❤ and great write-up as ever!

    I love Clint Eastwood. I think he's meant to be a bit of a twat in real life but he's fucking Clint Eastwood man!!!!!!!

    Mainly because my grandad has always loved him and shown me the films 🙂

    I loved Gran Torino too! Me and my grandad went to see it in the cinema and it was the first time he'd been to the cinema in over a decade! I also love Unforgiven (though my grandad reckons it's a bit "silly") and The Dead Pool 🙂

    Pen!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Clam! O _ o o _ O

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  6. Clint Eastwood is the definition of badassery. It doesn’t matter if he’s playing a gunslinger with no name, a mentor to hillbilly Hilary Swank or a Korean War vet just tired of his surroundings, he always nails it. And his directing skills deserve a separate round of applause all together. Great write up! and thanks for reminding why I love this old bastard so much.

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    • theipc

      Sweet Kidney!

      Since I wrote this way back when, my glasses corrected my “reading” eyes but I still need to get my prescription filled for “far away” looking. I can’t see shit!!!!


      Sugar Pappy!

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  7. I need to watch this again, it’s been a while for me, too. I’ve seen most of the series (one, two, and I think four), I should probably get around to the rest… I miss this kind of action movie. They don’t seem to make them like this anymore.

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  8. The tile doctor

    Question for you – do you think the Scorpio killer guy influenced Heath Ledger’s joker ? Having not re-watched I can’t be sure…
    I need to watch this again

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      • The tile doctor

        And likely a suggestion from Nolan – “hey Heath go check out Dirty Harry” like ol Lem said in the first go round – something really sinister about that Scorpio guy – I guess it’s the unpredictability of his particular brand of crazy …blah blah blah longest boringest comment ever 🙂

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      • theipc

        He’s definitely creepy. We all know that I’ve never watched a porn but I can’t even think about that actor without thinking about this porn I didn’t see during the early 90s that had a guy who looked EXACTLY him in it.


  9. 101 comments! Boy, am I late to the game or whatttttt?? I like the bold. Much more impactful. Makes this post seem really important.
    Though I’m sure it’s a great movie I don’t have any interest in watching it. Your review = 4 crepes/4


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