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In exactly 15 minutes, two people in different countries, divided by the Atlantic Ocean, will turn on the same movie at the same time and give it a watch, commenting LIVE as we make it through this thing.  That’s right!!! Myself and FILMNERDBLOG are going to watch a movie! Is it good? Who knows?? Will we like it??? For some reason I doubt it but we’ll give it a go! Want to do this with us sometime? It’s hard based on all of our different time zones but let us know! We’ve done this before but under a different format so here we go! Well, in fifteen minutes!!!

P.S. On case you got in late and don’t feel like reading what we had to say below, we both fucking LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED it!!! It was absolutely HILARIOUS!


    • theipc

      Anna!!!!!!!!! I miss those too – I would only LOVE to do another one (more) it’s just so difficult finding a time to accommodate everyone as we’re all around the world. Would you like to watch a movie with me??? I know we’re basically a day apart…..


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  1. Trying to read all these comments will break my phone! But glad to see you guys had fun with this one. 🙂 Reminds me of watching Alone In The Dark! That was a blast. And I STILL love how Mike was talking to himself over on my blog instead of here. Hahaha! What a wanker. 😉

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