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Hi there Most Beloveds!! In case you missed the announcement over the last week or so because it was your birthday and you got drunk for thirteen days OR if you were imprisoned in a dumpy jail in South Dakota, I’m now accepting submissions for SHITFEST 2015 ~ SUMMER. I want to run it in July, so the earliest you could get it to me, the better (for me). Here’s the basic rules:

  • The contest will run as long as the entries keep coming in
  • You can write about any genre from any year as long as you think it’s a piece of shit
  • Make it fun – past winners have usually been people who write differently than their normal blog
  • Be creative – it doesn’t have to be an essay – you can submit art, poems, videos, pictures, etc
  • You don’t have to be a blogger to submit an entry
  • At then end of the contest we will vote on our favorite posts
  • The winner will receive a handsome trophy cast from the bowels of hell, coded with the most perfect evil

I am also requesting ANY help in creating graphics for this thing. Banners, header, thumbnails, posting on my day off, anything will help. I can’t pay you with anything but my gooey love so there’s that.

You can look at any of the previous glorious entries at the following links to get a hint about what you might want to do or be up against:






You can see miraculous trophy acceptance speeches at these links:






To enter – send me your post (or ask general questions) at ~ I’ll accept any format as long as I can open it. If you want to load your post up with loads of pictures, that’s fine, just indicate where you want them placed in the post. I think that’s it – let me know if you have any questions. In case you missed it, here’s the trophy:


Again – at the end of this thing we’ll all vote You’ll email me your five favorite posts at and I’ll assign a point value –

1st Place Vote = 5 Points
2nd = 4 Points
3rd = 3 Points
4th = 2 Points
5th = 1 Point

Then I’ll tally them all up for a week and announce the winner of the world’s most coveted trophy! You don’t have to be a blogger to vote!


P.S. Luke claims he’s going for back to back wins………


Also – I would hate to go without some thoughts on a movie so look back here in 8 hours and 15 minutes from the time of this post for something AMAZING!!!! Set your clocks!! Synchronize those watches! Unbuckle those petticoats!


  1. Oh, Eric! Thank you so much for doing this!! I think we all need a place to dump our shit and become better people afterwards! It’s like punching a punch-bag in the gym!!! so… YEAH! I just need to pick a god damn movie!!! :-)))

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    • theipc

      Oh – anything would work!!! I understand if you can’t get around to it – we’ll still always be:

      #shitfesties and


  2. Fuck yeah! I am so looking forward to this. I have a movie lined up that I KNOW cannot be good, my neighbour is preparing himself (he recommended it so he has got to watch it with me – I think he is more interested in seeing my reaction first hand). WHOOP! Fun times ahead Giuseppe!

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  3. I got up early to write a post for my Friday Night Movie Recommendation before I go camping and then I came over here to see what I was up against for Shitfest and somehow 2 hours just passed. Good Grief.

    I’m really indecisive, competitive and I’m a perfectionist… put all these things together and it’s gonna take me forever to submit an entry. Muuuusttttt wiiinnnnn…. haha!


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  4. My sweet Sugar Pappy!!

    Can’t believe that I nearly missed this post!!!

    I am totes in. Going to start slaving away day and night for this!!


    PS: The term in Afrikaans for hungover is Babbelas. So we will be babbelas!



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