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secreteyes1When it comes to movies like this, I usually struggle with them. With horror, it’s easy to get our tits out and have some laughs, because most of the things I watch for this place are pure piles of shit but this – as a recommendation for me – is a really good movie that I really liked, but it looked like no one had any fun in this thing. Don’t get me wrong, this movie is very good but there’s nothing exactly FUN about it. A chick gets raped and killed. The cops can’t seem to find the culprit. The lead is in love with a woman who doesn’t like him. Etc. Etc. But the story is fantastic. I thought the end could have been done better and the make-up was a little sketchy – especially when they were trying to make a couple of characters look older – but, overall this was really good and I would recommend it. It’s Spanish so you’re going to have to read it unless you’re fluent. The only reason I mention that is because it’s very difficult for me to sit still and read a movie. I fidget a LOT and get distracted pretty easy so….SECRETEYES2This is a good, procedural movie that doesn’t offer too much NEW to the crime drama scene but there this one part that will blow your fucking mind (and I wish I knew how they did it). It’s starts from waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up in the sky and floats down into a big soccer game – one shot mind you (or else it is incredibly edited) – flying over the field and into the stands where we find our two cops looking for their suspect. It pans through the crowd and through the stands and they find him and he runs off and it follows the chase through the arena and a bathroom and down some stairs and out a window and into the streets. It’s probably about ten minutes long and I don’t even know how they did it but it’s beautiful and amazing.
SECRETEYES4I’ve been sitting on this post for about two months because I don’t really know how to write about things like this so here’s a funny story. We have two dogs and they are pampered like you wouldn’t believe. They get food at night and treats all day long and every morning I give them “breakfast” which is a type of puppy food – you know, for being good babies. Well, one day I ran out of Continental Breakfast and that afternoon I was running late so I stopped at the gas station for beer and picked up some dog food there. Normally the Continental Breakfast is gourmet, so to speak, so this was a cheap knock off but I gave it to them anyway. Then I got in the shower, washed my skin, got dressed and went to get my truck going and Toots had shit on the carpet. SECRETEYES5

Then he did it again the next morning so my friend Carson and I figured it must be the Gas Station Dog Food which was probably about as healthy as eating a vending machine burrito so I stopped giving it to him and threw the shit out. But he still kept pooping so we had to take him to the vet and he got some pills and it seems to be working but I needed to give them their Continental Breakfast again – for being good babies – so I filled a canister full of their regular dog food, stuck it in the place where I keep the Breakfast dog food and tried it out on him the next morning. I poured a little bit on the ground, like usual, and if you can imagine a dog looking at you with absolute disgust, that would be the face he gave me as he turned and walked away. How about that as a way to finish up this piece??? This movie is really good but I have no givings to watch it again.


  1. This movie looks like it’s worth watching. Nice pick!

    I am adopting a puppy in 278 days so I really loved reading about your babies. I also love how snobby Toots is about his Continental Breakfast. No fooling him! Hahaha! Also, your comment about the vending machine burritos killed me.


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    • theipc

      It’s pretty good! I bet you’d like it! : ) : )

      278 days? That’s kind of an odd number (even though it’s an even number). In fact, that bothers my OCD LOL – why 278 days???

      And HAHAHAHAHAH vending machine burritos are THE WORST!!!!! We have such a diverse group of friends out here, I was wondering if anyone would get that!!! Here’s another true story for you:

      A few weeks ago my co-worker was going to lunch and asked me if I wanted anything from the mall which doesn’t have any food I like, so I declined. I figured I’d just go to the crappy deli here and get something gross. Later I went down there and they had closed early so I was totally screwed and had to resort to some vending machine food. Of course, I could have just gone and got something but I was being stubborn so I used the last of my cash to get a vending machine sandwich. When I got up here and opened it up it was on WHEAT BREAD!!!!! I HATE WHEAT BREAD!!!!!!



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      • My husband and I decided we had too much going on this year (bought a house and got married) so he thought it would be too much stress to get a puppy too. He wanted to make sure we had settled in and things were back to normal before we commit to something like a puppy so he said a year and I decided that meant March 15 because then we’ll have the puppy throughout the spring and summer, so March 15 is 278 days away 🙂

        What’s wrong with wheat bread?? You’re too picky! Although, if it came from a vending machine I’m sure it wasn’t that good anyways, haha!


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      • theipc

        THANK YOU for explaining that!!! Now I can go about my day normally!! : ) : )

        I don’t have a vendetta against wheat bread like I do zucchini, I just don’t like the taste of it at all. I can eat it if I have to, I just don’t like it. I am SO happy for you to get a puppy – dogs are just the best!!



  2. I love a good continuous take scene! Like the one in that episode of True Detective!

    Also I haven’t gotten to the part where my pets shit on the ground but one of the cats (we got another one!) really enjoys batting around the pellets from the kitty litter like a soccer ball, so I find litter pellets everywhere like it’s an Easter egg hunt. Gross.


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    • theipc

      Continuous takes are the best!!! Have you seen this thing??? I think this is something you’d like : )

      HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Cats are so strange (I have two). The female is kind of a recluse and only comes out when I take a shower. The male stares at me and yells at me all of the time. Me: “Hi Bud.” Bud: “ROOOOOOWWWWWLLLLLL!”

      And the dogs eat all of their poop.



  3. Jay

    I like watching foreign films so that i get something different – and so many are so good – but I struggle with subtitles. I’m so ADD that I’m usually doing several things with a movie running in the background. I watch movies all day long at work. AT work! So to have the focus to keep my eyes trained on the screen 100% to read and also notice everything that’s going on is hard work for me. if i’m at home, my partner will dutifully read out all the words I’m obviously missing, sometimes even doing voices. You know, because that’s how we roll.

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  4. abbiosbiston

    I am a big fan of this film. It’s a real foreign favourite.

    My dog growing up was also deeply spoiled and would have had a very similar reaction. This made me laugh and misd him a lot.

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  5. Hmmmmm, this looks like it is worth the watch, will see if I can scrounge it up somewhere to have a look see!

    LOL those dogs are so spoiled! You are not going to pull the wool over that pup’s eyes by the sound of it, don’t try again xD

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