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enforcer1I wish they still made movies like these. Balls out, take no prisoners, who gives a fuck about what I say or do political incorrectness…. This is “episode 3” so to speak and this has it all again! Cheap sluts, N words, porn shoots, dongs, full frontal, sex dolls, Q words, F words, male chauvinism… basically all of the shit no one can get away with these days. What’s going on in this one? Some post Vietnam revolutionary hippies have banded together and plan on kidnapping the Mayor of San Francisco for some serious ransom money. Can Harry and his new partner –> Tyne Daly stop them?? How many times will Harry get suspended for talking back to his Chief? How much destruction will he cause at the expense of the taxpayer??? How many cars will stop to give this chick a ride?? How many people will she call a “jerk-off???” I know the answer – do you??? Give it a watch to find out!!enforcer2Speaking of Mayors….. I’ve been watching The Killing (the U.S. version) lately and a lot of it centers around this high profile Mayoral race. It’s seems like MILLIONS of dollars of campaign money and media coverage surround these two candidates and it’s a HUGE deal. For Mayor??? In this thing the kidnappers are demanding millions of dollars for the return of—>  the Mayor??? Is that position really big elsewhere?? I mean, I know who our Mayor is and he was high profile once for losing a bunch of weight but I doubt anyone besides his family would really give a shit if someone kidnapped him much less offer up millions of dollars in campaign money to fund his  battery of stretch limos and three piece suits. Maybe that’s just me or maybe it’s just the town I live in. Maybe it’s a West Coast thing.enforcer3To start this thing off, Harry and his new partner respond to a liquor store robbery and hostage situation. They’re demanding ransom so Harry decides to assess the situation himself. He walks into the shop and the hoods assail him: “GET ON THE FLOOR YOU FUCKING PIG!!!!!!!” One of them screams. “But this is my best suit-coat.” He responds, cooler than a mother fucker. A little later he gives them what they want – a car. And by that he takes his unmarked police car and rams it through the front of the store…….. then shoots everyone. There’s actually some pretty cool effects work during that scene that I was surprised to see… especially from a movie from 1976.enforcer4I also wasn’t really expecting that fifteen minute foot chase through the streets and over the rooftops of San Francisco that ends shortly after the suspect crashes through the window above a porn shoot.



What else is there to say here? This movie was great! It had some funny moments, some good action, lots of badassness and people doing real stunts. I love it and I love this series!! I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend and no one gets kidnapped and taken to Alcatraz!!!!



  1. So. Much. Squinty.

    Firstly, The Killing is the bee’s knees.
    Secondly, the mayor of Toronto was Rob Ford. I wish someone had kidnapped him. And if they had, no one would have paid.
    Thirdly, great review.
    Fourthly, 277 days!
    Fifthly, I love The IPC


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