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Hello!! You know, I wouldn’t say I was a connoisseur of “bear movies” – I think I’ve only ever seen THE EDGE (which I loved) – so I can’t say this is the best bear movie out there but it’s one of the best bear movies I’ve seen, Which, I suppose is TWO now, so I’ve liked them both. This one is definitely more horror than THE EDGE, including a handful of VERY gruesome parts and is actually believable. The acting is good, the blood effects were very good (and gnarly) and I really appreciated that they used a real bear and not some dude in a plastic bear suit. I’m not sure if the bear was actually ripping that poor actor to shreds but it was awful tense and butthole clinching. Lastly, how many times do you think it took me to spell “connoisseur” correctly? That’s almost as hard as trying to spell lieutenant or type the word Barbara.BACK2

The opening to this movie is fucking great. A good looking couple of people are going off on vacation. They get in the car and do some talking and then the dude plays this song on the car radio system and the chicks is all “NO! Not that fucking thing!!” and he’s singing the lyrics and right when the chorus comes around she starts dancing like a fucking hillbilly and they cut to the opening credits. I laughed a lot at that. There’s a lot of hiking and scenery and a little skinny dipping to be had for the next dozens of minutes until we’re introduced to an actor that I’m not very fond of: BACK3

Did you ever read THIS piece?? To quote my good friend Smash from the comments section of that review: “Eric Balfour is a real turd.” I can’t agree more with that and for some unknown fucking reason, he has a Scottish accent. Aside from him and his moustache being in this, this is pretty good. Luckily he’s not in it for very long and after we get rid of him we get:BACK4That bear goes around shitting all over the forest; this documentary proving that bears do, indeed, shit in the woods. That last sentence isn’t really true although I do suppose that bear had to shit at some point during his time on the set. I could also be gender stereotyping as that bear could very well be a female (I didn’t look between it’s legs because I am a gentleman). I would also like to add that the lead is very easy on the eyes:BACK5

and, because I am such a gentleman, I would never post internet images of her in various stages of undress.


SAY WHAT??????????

*runs off down the hall*


  1. lol, I stand by my comments! This guy shouldn’t be in movies. He should be hanging out by the 7-11 selling weed to high school kids and creepily trying to get with younger girls. That’s his rightful place in this world.

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  2. Decent little film this. Stupidly gory scene which was fun, and the ending left a lot to be desired.

    Apparently the true story it was loosely based on had a family, and the woman died, and the man and the kid escaped to safety. But then killing off a woman and only a woman in this day and age wouldn’t sell movies.

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  3. How in the world did I miss this post?? Geez, it’s hard to keep up with you guys!! I would LOVE this movie. And I don’t mind Eric Balfour, mostly because the first thing I saw him in was The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake with Jessica Biel and he had his face ripped off and used as a mask so I feel kinda bad for the guy, especially since he seemed pretty decent in that movie. Anyways… I also love bears. The Edge is fran-freaking-tastic. Anthony Hopkins is incredible. I WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE RIGHT NOW.


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    • theipc

      This is a good one!! Did you happen to catch that comment on your post yesterday about Let Us Prey?? I think you’d like that – I know there were lots of comments going around yesterday afternoon….


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