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It’s taken me a bit to try and figure out what to say about this movie. I’m always a sucker for a good movie poster and I quite liked that red one above. I also liked the trailer and was hoping for some good clean fun but, after about twenty minutes this got incredibly repetitive, boring and eventually, not worth it. P.S. I also figured out what was going on in about 30 minutes and that didn’t help things. I’m going to spoil this at the very end so – there’s that….TLL2

So – there’s these six or seven people trapped in an old hospital (or something). There’s The Slut, The Kook, The Leader, The Old Angry Woman and The Douche. Oh – and Edward Furlong is lurking in the shadows of some wing, smoking cigarettes. They eat from the hospital pantry thing and tell stories and get mad when people reference “the aliens” outside of the building. Apparently there’s been some sort of alien invasion or something and they’re holed up in here, staying alive.TLL3

The big, strong lead is the guy from Eureka and he has the shotgun so he’s in charge. He also has flashbacks of his wife, who we presume is dead, but that’s not very fun either. One by one these bastards “decide” that they want to leave the hospital or die in general and – here come the spoilers – this is a total fucking rip-off of JACOB’S LADDER with no Elizabeth Pena boobs and really no nothin’. According to IMDB, this runs for 93 minutes and, I swear, 62Β of those minutes are us looking at this:TLL4

The remaining 31 minutes consist of people bickering, Furlong smoking cigarettes (I guess that hospital had Cigarette Dispensaries or something) and Jeff Fahey acting like Simple Jack. It was totally boring and lame and predictable.TLL5

Oh – and there’s a lot of this:TLL6

It’s really not worth it IMO. This is more fun than the movie:



  1. The state of Edward Furlong!

    This sounds okay Pen! If not too long and only to watch once. I liked the clichΓ© characters you mentioned πŸ™‚ SO TRUE! How many times have we seen those guys in various forms?!!!

    The Simple Jack thing was funny too πŸ™‚

    ❀ ❀ ❀

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