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SUDDEN1Dirty Harry is back and he’s starting to look old! I’m not sure of his exact birthday but I think Eastwood was probably 90 when this came out but he can still kick some ass and shoot with remarkable aim.  If you’re running from him, hiding in the shadows, jumping out of the way –> one shot and you’re fucked. Out of the four of these I’ve seen, this is probably my least favorite of the bunch even though it sill kicked ass and had the “Go ahead. Make my day.” quote in it. The jazzy / rap 1983 music over the opening credits was totally laughable and some of the scenes take place in rooms or cars that are so dark I couldn’t tell what the fuck was going on, but it’s still fun and it’s always good to see…………
SUDDEN2…………. Sondra Locke!! or – as I know her…………..SUDDEN3……….. Sondra Locke!! I always thought she was stunningly pretty. In this movie she’s going around taking revenge on the group of people who gang raped her and her sister. She shoots them in the balls first and then in the head. That’s no spoiler because that’s how this goes. Harry is assigned a job outside of San Francisco – upstate – where someone is going around shooting people in the balls and then in the head. The local sheriff doesn’t want him meddling but, as it goes so often, trouble keeps finding him.SUDDEN4There’s a scene in this that has nothing to do with anything but it shows that Eastwood is a capable director. In the last movie I mentioned some effective effects. At the opening of that one, Harry drives his car into a liquor store. As he’s driving into the window, there’s a shot filmed from the back seat. A guy is standing by the window and shoots the car windshield with his shotgun, blowing holes in it and shards of glass into the back seat. In here. Harry pulls into the new town and witness a robbery. So what does he do? He hops into a bus full of elderly “day trip”-ers and chases after the guy through the streets of the city. At one point the guy shots the window and we get the same shot from behind the steering wheel. Normally I would be all – who cares – but it’s painfully obvious in movies new and old that the next time we see the front of that bus, that bullet hole is going to be gone, but it’s not! It’s there the entirety of the ten minute chase. Bravo!

And – for my #squintiebestiesquintie

Anyway, I think this is the weaker of the four (but I still really liked it). I think this one kind of didn’t sit that well with me because of it’s 80s-ness. The music, the fashion, the reliance on one line jokes. Like – I really want to watch other three again – I could probably pass on this one in the future.


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    • theipc

      It’s definitely weird seeing this 80s-upped but it’s still pretty decent. I’m not sure about The Dead Pool and douche Jim Carrey…..


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