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It’s not infrequent or rare that I get made fun of / shamed / publicly ridiculed by two people because I like movies that most people don’t or won’t and these two beautiful people seem to have selective hearing when it comes to my defense strategy of: this site was created to talk about SHIT movies with my friend so we didn’t have to do it on email servers at work and: let’s keep things in perspective by watching something awful sometimes so we appreciate the good in things and: I JUST WANT SOMEONE TO LOVE ME WHY WON’T YOU JUST LOVE ME AFTER ALL WE’VE BEEN THROUGH and: I watch these things so no one else has to and: this IS the home of Shitfest and: WHY DO YOU PICK ON ME SO MUCH MEAN GIRLS CRY CRY CRY CRY RUN AWAY and: I just sniffed your neck when you weren’t looking.


Anyway, I had never heard about this until I saw it on Ryan’s site and, to be totally honest, I usually choose movies and books by their cover and titles and, like the WONDERFUL ABSENTIA, I think this movie suffers(ed) from the industry term and phylum – moviepostershititus…. If I had looked at Ryan’s site and saw the poster at the top of this page, I probably would have been more interested but, I saw this:


Actually, linking to that post I guess I didn’t actually see that there (but I thought I did) so I must have looked it up somewhere and seen it but anyway….

It – with “It” being THE IPC – has a few general rules:

1) Never watch a movie with Billy Zane (in it) (or with him in the same room)
2) Never give a movie that has tire screech sound effects on dirt or cell phone dial tones high praise
3) Never touch another man’s thigh
4) Never (again) tell Brian it’s OK to touch me “husband style”
5) Movies with digital images of faces with black eyes, super large mouths or people getting dragged away by something are normally shit.

And, while I don’t think this is anywhere as good as ABSENTIA (which I totally loved and can watch over and over), I don’t think it’s at all bad – despite those IMDB scores YOU might go and look at. I’ve got no real complaints except for the ambiguous ending which I get (as a potential script writer) so you can set up a sequel. I think there are a few flaws but nothing as bad as the smell of the fart my dog just dropped, so I am going to take a break and finish this up later or tomorrow.


I thought this movie was pretty good – filmed LAKE MUNGO documentary style ——-  you know what? On the day I am writing this, I can totally see my beard in my peripheral vision, which is bothering my OCD and my ability to hit outside keys, so I am out again until tomorrow when I have given myself a trim, had a nice dinner and slept.atticus4

I’m back today, recently shorn and ready to finish up this post. UM, yeah. I liked this a lot and the way they presented everything was cleverly done. This institute studies the paranormal and ESP – eventually this timid looking lady gets dropped off at their doorstep and things start to go apeshit. Even more eventually, they call in the US Government for help and things go even more apeshit up until the curious end. What else can I say, really? The director uses lots of sleight of hand and trickery to foster some creepiness and the chick who plays the crazy, possessed lady did a good job.atticus5

Oh well, there you go. I hope everyone has a reasonable day!




  1. Sweet Sugar Pappy Giuseppe

    Who ridiculed you?! *flexes muscles*

    What’s wrong with Billy Zane hahaa? He was such a poop in Titanic!

    This movie seems interesting. I’ve been trying to watch more horrors but sheesh, there are some BAD ones out there!

    Kidney Giuseppe

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  2. Who dares to make fun of you?! I’m rolling up my sleeves right now and practicing my karate moves! Grr! I love your rules Eric! It’s always good to remind people. This movie looks pretty good. I don’t think it’s on Netflix so I’m going to try to find it at the library. I still haven’t watched Absentia but I think I have it in my Netflix list. Maybe that’ll be our Saturday night movie. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dearest ei,
    Do you think I’d like this? It looks like I might. I totally get the whole bad movie thing, and as you know, I’m more than slightly partial myself. People who aren’t able to appreciate bad films are missing out. Imagine if you only ever watched critically acclaimed films, how boring would that be?!

    Right now I’m watching Killer Legends, and so far I quite like it. You might like it, too. They’re currently talking about the true story behind The Town That Dreaded Sundown (which I still haven’t seen).

    Love, fn

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  4. “moviepostershititus” – LOL! It is a real problem, truly.

    I had an ex-colleague that watched this recently. He watched it back to back with something else, and I cannot remember which one wanted to make him kick the screen… I suppose I will have to make contact and ask.

    Absentia, on the other hand, is one of the best horrors I have seen in YEARS!


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