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Are you ready????? CAN YOU DIG IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT?????????? Are you as turned on as a hillbilly at a family reunion??????? Do you need a handy IPC Ice Pack™ for your burning loins???? Or would you just prefer some salve?? Let me know either way and I’ll take care of you!! Shitfest 2015 ~ Summer starts tomorrow and I can’t be more happy! We’ve got some GREAT stuff lined up and at the end we’ll all vote for the one true champion!!!! If you’ve been on the fence or a little scared – it’s not too late to submit something! You don’t have to be a blogger to do an entry! Just send me the shit to and I’ll get you scheduled! let’s do this thing and combat to the death to see who the one true champion is!! 

You can look at any of the previous glorious entries at the following links to get a hint about what you might want to do or be up against:






You can see miraculous trophy acceptance speeches at these links:






See you tomorrow!!

Remember – here’s The One Trophy and how it corrupts!

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    • theipc

      Sweet Kidney Giuseppe,

      Then we can get our inoculations and travel the world drinking boilermakers!!!


      Sugar Pappy Giuseppe!


      • GaryGreg828

        Dude are you serious!!!??? You have set me off now!!! “Dumb & Dumber is my #1 favorite movie of all time!!! I despised Ace Ventura! I thought The Mask was formulated. I am not a Jim Carrey fan, either. It’s The Farrelly’s Brothers hilarious writing that makes Dumb & Dumber the most epic and hilarious film ever made!!! There are so many subtle lines that you won’t even catch until multiple viewings. Sure, there are some outrageous gags throughout, but the true genius is in the writing; the dialogue and the direction of the story. There actually IS a story! I assure you, it is worth watching, in spite of Jim Carey. Notice Jim Carey has never had another hit as big as Dumb & Dumber? It’s b/c the strength is in the script. Yes, he does an awesome job as Lloyd, but it’s mostly b/c of the material he is given to sink his teeth into.

        If I am not mistaken, D&D is not netflix streaming. Come on dude, you gotta give this a watch.

        Let me say this also:

        In late 1994 when the trailer came out, I thought it looked like total crap. I was not planning to even watch it. if you watch the trailer, it looks so lame!

        Late March of 1995, the NCAA March Madness Final Four tournament was going on. My favorite NCAA basketball team, the UNC Tarheels, were playing Arkansas in the Final 4 on a Saturday night.

        We had a movie theater duplex that was showing the NCAA tournament, and so i went to watch the UNC Arkansas game. My friends showed up and greeted me towards the end of the game to inform me they were going to watch “Dumb & Dumber” next door. I literally said “I’m not watching that crap! I’m watching the game!” and so just as the movie started they left to go to the other theater and I stayed and watched the rest of the UNC Arkansas game…

        Towards the end, UNC made a stupid crucial mistake, that Coach Dean Smith specifically told them NOT TO DO and they ended up getting geeked out and losing the game. I was pissed! I stormed out of the theater and was going to go home, but just wanted to walk in the other theater to tell my friends I was leaving…

        As soon as I opened the door to Dumb & Dumber and looked at the screen I started laughing; then a few seconds later laughed again. I found my friends and told them I was leaving, then the movie made me laugh again. Then I sat down to finish the scene. Then I laughed again.

        Suddenly I forgot all about the UNC game and stayed for the duration of the movie. I came in around the 30-40 minute mark. I thought it was HILARIOUS from scene to scene. I went back to see the whole thing in its entirety the very next night. I ended up going to see this film an additional 7 times – for a total of 9 times.

        I have since watched it on TV countless times. It is to this day the funniest movie I’ve ever seen – and my #1 favorite film of all time.

        This is a movie you HAVE to give a chance, dude! Just do it as a favor to me.

        To be fair, I will watch anything you recommend (assuming I can find it online to watch).

        Dumb & Dumber is just one of those movies everyone needs to see; even if you’re not a fan of Jim Carey.

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      • theipc

        I thought I did on Twitter? No? I loved it! Well – I got through the first five eps of Season one and loved them. Next time I take a day off I’ll finish : ) My ONLY complaint would be very minor and that Elba sure does a lot of huffing and puffing around each episode : )


      • GaryGreg828

        No, I never heard back from you on Twitter. But I am glad you liked it. I thought you’d like the Alice Morgan character.

        The huffing and puffing is a character choice, either by the director or Elba himself, and I think it plays into the character perfectly b/c it displays his stress and internal conflict.

        The end of episode 5 is one of the most emotional moments of the series, and when the intensity dials it up. What’s so great about it is the way they have been building his character up for these five episodes to appear like he’s the prime murder suspect; the way he took his office apart after Zoe walked out. See how all his “huffing and puffing” now really makes him look guilty, so I think there’s actually a method to the madness, there.

        The next episode is really good, and that leads us into season 2, which has the greatest season finale of any series I’ve ever seen! I just loved the sheer brilliance of the writing.

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      • theipc

        I’ll finish it as soon as I can – my streaming is restricted to the home at this time and that means the wife gets priority! : )


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