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Films with friends: Dog Soldiers

Hi again!! Speaking of Shitfest Socials – here is a perfect example of what I’m talking about – although this movie was THE shit!!! Forever thanks to the legendary Laura and Emma for watching Dog Soldiers with me!! This was a fucking blast!!


I was chatting on The Twitter with my good friends Emma and Eric, the other day, and we were saying how much we liked Dog Soldiers, and how much fun it was and how it’d be even funner still if we all watched it together.  So they’re coming over here tomorrow and we’re going to watch this shit out of this thing.  We’ll be chatting throughout (down there in the comments section) if you’re at all interested.

Get your hot dogs in the griddle pan, pop your popcorn and crack open a beer.  We’re watching Dog Soldiers.  #meguts!

And beware, our ramblings will definitely contain massive SPOILERS.


So, we just finished up, the evidence can be found below.  I had a load of fun, and have a new appreciation for this film.  It’s original and funny with great characters you can really get behind, and there’s some…

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