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Shitfest has been pretty awesome so far. Vinnieh has given us a ‘perhaps too insightful’ look at the life of male strippers, I now know to stay away from Leprechaun as if my life depended on it (Jennifer Aniston is just the bait – IT’S NOT WORTH IT!), and Unfriended still has me in stitches right now. But it’s time to ramp things up. Enter the devilishly handsome Oracle of Film (a.k.a me), reigning champion and tree-lover. For my Shitfest entry this year, I have gone undercover to see the Jurassic World sequel Trevorrow is working on right now. I secretly downloaded the trailer and have it below to show you. I’m worried, guys… Click below to find out why.


  1. GaryGreg828

    What the heck!? These dinosaurs looked too small – or was it just the IMAX screen that made them look so much bigger on the original?? That IMAX screen works wonders! This film may be a wee bit too violent for my taste; Liam looked like he was ready to take someone’s head off!!

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  2. Luke and Uni-hurtful Pictures presents, a film by Steven Sp-ill-berg. Starring Bryce Dallas How-ard-you-going-to-explain-this-your-grandchildren and Jeff Gulp-bloom, with music by John Willi-ums and special effects by Stan Wince-ton, it’s Jur-as-sick Whirled 2: Day Of The Feline-oh-sore-us-Wrecks.

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  3. hahahaha Luke your eyes look so funny!! You look so evil “I’m the one to beat this year…. well you’re not going to” haha! Love the sinister tone.

    The rest was just grand, hahaha!!! The look on your bothers face, WTF was with that!! The ending was funny too.

    Good shit!!

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  4. GaryGreg828

    Luke won’t be defending his shitfest crown b/c obviously he doesn’t even grasp the shitfest rules. Shitfest is for terrible, lame and shitty movies! NOT EPIC FILMS LIKE THE ONE YOU JUST MADE! πŸ™‚

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  5. LOL. Omg, Luke. You and Liam continue to kill it with these. Also, Ruby’s cameo? FLAWLESS. Maybe she wasn’t supposed to be on set, but she obviously knows she’s the star. Aww and you mentioned my blogathan! Aren’t you sweet! Speaking of, I just realized how insanely busy you must’ve been putting together this video for Eric and the video for me…which makes me a million times more grateful. Much love, my friend. ❀

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