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Sorry to bust into Shitfest like this but I need to address something and ask a few questions. It looks like Shitfest is going to go well into August so I wanted to do this now – 

As some of you may know, I’ve had a movie rolling around in my mind for several years now. It’s a hard R rated, Grindhouse style throwback about drug smuggling, murder and, of course, lots of skin. Well, I wrote a treatment for it a while back and then started a script but I got so burned out on the screenwriting process that I kind of aborted and let it sit there doing nothing for a looooooooooong time. 

Well – a few months ago our man Luke took the treatment and wrote a script for it which breathed new life into me. I spent some time talking with my friend Lem about it and we got excited and then did nothing else with it.  Here we are today and a few weeks ago I learned that I would be a victim to corporate layoffs and lose my job I’ve had for sixteen years. Of course, I was devastated but after the grief wore off, I started thinking – “Holy shit, Isaacs, that severance package is pretty sweet… what if…..”

So now we’re talking about trying to actually MAKE the fucker! I mean – this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. For real, we have a fully written script and some money…. we’ll see what happens though…

The purpose of this post is not to ask you for money – if this goes forward we’ll do a kickstarter thing and I’ll beg you for your money then, but not yet. The purpose of this – and I know we’re all over the world – but – do you have anything you could pony up if we try and go through with this thing?

Can you direct? Are you a DP? Can you operate a boom? Fancy yourself an actor or actress? Can you dance? Do you have a room full of guns we can use as props? Do you own a hotel we can fake murder some people in? Do you own a bar where two actresses can strip and make out in? Do you own a rusty old beat up van we can use? How about a nice new-ish Beemer? Can you cater?? Do you have a bunch of police outfits we can tailor to fit a few men and a woman? Can you do practical effects on the cheap?? Can you do graphic design for posters?Can you do credits? Can you mix? Do you have a shitload of fake (or not fake) wads of hundred dollar bills?? Do you know how to make temporary tattoos?? Do you know how to pull off a 7 – 10 minute tracking shot that involves two stories of a hotel and lots of landscape?? Do you know anyone (female) who isn’t afraid to do full nudity and run screaming through a parking lot holding a fake, severed dong????

This is the type of help I’m looking for IF we go through with this. A current idea is that I’ll go out to California in the beginning of September to storyboard this fucker out and see if it’s doable… any thoughts? Any ideas? Any suggestions?? Obviously I can’t fly you all over the world to come here… the idea is that we could probably pull most of this off in one or two of the small, deserted towns here, where I live (Oklahoma).

What do you think??

I appreciate anything and everything – let me know! If you aren’t a commenter or want to keep it secret – email me at 

Here’s something I put together that only a couple of people will understand –RHconcept2

Here’s some poster ideas I put together that I KIND of like – but they’re shit (but they were free because I made them) (and needed a thumbnail for my home page):



Let me know – I sure do appreciate any feedback or ANYTHING!


  1. My sweet Pappy

    So sorry to hear about your job! People fucking suck. however, your new venture sounds like it is something that you have wanted to do for all the ages. Can’t wait to see it happening!

    Ever supportive Kidney Giuseppe

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    • theipc

      Sweet Kidney Giuseppe!!

      I REALLY hope we can make this happen but I do have to find a way to keep money coming in…. Sugar Kidney???


      Sugar Pappy Giuseppe : )


  2. I can’t contribute any of the above no matter how hard I try and justify my abilities in other fields. However, I am 100% on board in helping this dream become a reality so Kickstarter me up buddy and I’ll have a think about anything else I may be able to contribute.

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  3. Dear Pen,
    Great stuff!!!!!!!!!! Wow! I have a funny feeling in a few years time you might say your job loss was the best thing that ever happened to you. Seriously!!!! 😀

    I like the poster that looks like a mouth the most!

    O _ o o _ O Love Clam!!! xxxxx

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    • theipc

      My Clam!!

      What was it you told me once? There’s always safer seas??

      You like that one the best??? <3333333333333333333

      Love Pen!!!

      P.S. O _ o o _ O


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      • My dearest Pen!!!!! O _ o o _ O

        I really do believe it my dearest Pen, I do, I do, I do. You were wasted in that position anyway, THIS is your calling. Take the opportunity and fucking do it!!!!!!

        I do like that one best, but I like all of them! ❤

        Love Clam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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      • theipc


        Thank you for believing in me!!! Hopefully we can make this happen!!! Emails are going around like crazy : )

        What’s up next????



  4. Hey Eric,
    As you know I can cover the writing side of things from my side of the world. I am also looking into producing, so I can help out however I can from over here in the UK. I have also been thinking about how to make Raising Hell I am going to work, but tomorrow I will have a ‘Raising Hell’ day and send you an email over some of my ideas. It is pretty much just an order of how to do things and little tips I have picked up while making movies over England. It’s such a shame, I can’t commit to coming over to America and helping out on set.

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  5. You know how I feel about these things, go chase your dreams EI! When you get that kickstarter page up and running I will hound everyone I know to view it and contribute. I can’t act for shit, but I am happy to provide honest feedback along the way.

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  6. So, I act (as you know) but I’m not about the nudity, haha! So I can contribute in other ways! I can help with promotion, I have a university degree in theatre, I’m not sure how useful that is to you but I know about set design, costuming, directing, making props and all that jazz. I also don’t know how useful I will be from up here in Toronto but Whatever I can do to help, I will. Also my husband is a visual effects editor. He works for a visual effects company in Toronto called Spin VFX so he could help you with some editing if need be. Anyways, I’m so excited for you!! And I’ll help in any way I can!


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  7. Dearest ei,

    Hurrah! This is brilliant, Eric. It’s great that you’re turning something difficult into something positive. I don’t think there’s much in the way of practical help I can offer from here, but you’ve got all my support, best wishes, and hopes for success. Good luck!


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  8. Very sorry to hear about your job Eric. I’m sure you’ll get a better job soon.
    Also, Congrats on this venture, I know you’ll make a kick-ass director and this will certainly be a kick-ass movie that I cannot wait to watch. Sadly I have nothing to contribute to the film and am half-way around the world but I would love to contribute to the Kickstarter fund. Good Luck!

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  9. Holy shiiiit this is the best! If I had any talent other than working with traumatised kids I would totally help out. But if you need a shitty actress I’m in, ship me over! I will contribute to the Kickstarter for sure! I’m really sorry to hear about your job, but maybe this is the beginning of something truly amazing!


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    • theipc

      Anna!!! If nothing else – just to get you on the set and meet you would be THE FUCKING BEST!!!!!! Let’s talk!!!



  10. Fuck yeah PSC!!! This is so AWESOME! Seeing as I am sitting in SA it will be a little difficult to help on the physical things. However, anything you need that I can do from a distance, SHOUT! I will do anything I can to make this work 🙂 I read this thing, and it has the potential to be much fun 🙂

    Still, I am sorry to hear about your job. What a load of toolbags.

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  11. Sorry to hear about your job but hey, its a new beginning! 🙂 I’m looking forward to anything you do. This movie sounds like it’ll be a ton of fun.
    I mean, you’ve known me (through the blog) for years so you know, I’m not really helpful in much technical stuff. All I can do is bake. Seeing as I’m in Canada, I’m not sure anything I do will last. But hey, Montreal is a great place to film 😛 If not, I can ship you tons of biscottis and cookies for snacks. I think those would last in the mail..haha! I’ll donate instant coffee and lots of tea if you need. I’m not sure what else I can help with. But if you get a Kickstarter thing going, I’ll start saving right now to contribute generously 🙂 My other skills would be taking pictures but I’m not sure I’m that good either.
    But, you have my full support. I’m cheering you on right over here. And I’ll help with any promo work you need like spreading the word with anything or whatnot.

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  12. Tom

    Damn dude this is pretty exciting. Depending on where I am in the next several months (I might be in New Jersey, I might still be in TN or I could be in Utah — which i think would put me pretty close to you) I could help out in anyway I could. I’d love to be an extra who’s on fire or something crazy. That sounds like a good time. 😉

    In the meantime, definitely let me know when you start up a Kickstarter campaign. I’m all over that, id love to help support you.

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  14. Firstly, I am very sorry about your job. I am glad that you at least have the severance package to tide you over until things pick up, which I hope they do for you in the very near future. I read your work all the time, and your posts constantly bring a smile to my face and often make me laugh.

    I am going to privately e-mail you my thoughts and suggestions for your project. I hope they help.

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