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In 7.5 hours from the time of this post a handful of us will converge to watch the movie Preservation right here!! This will be absolutely fantastic! I can’t even wait!! Want to join in on the fun?? Join us later and get in on the good times!! Clothing optional!!! Talk in a bit!!


Also – since this is my post and not a guest post – I’m going to go ahead and plug something. Things are moving for my Raising Hell movie. In a good way!! I went ahead and created a website for it – it’s very bare bones right now and I need to find my credit card and drop that “wordpress” from the URL, but this is where I can do updates and keep you all in the loop! Hopefully you’ll give it a follow!


  1. So this will be a post and we just comment, right? I don’t want to miss out! I’ll be at work and joining in on my break but I can’t wait! What time again? Sorry I’m being a huge pain. I think it will be 2:30 my time (eastern standard time) but just want to double check

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  2. Alright everybody, thanks for a most excellent Shitfest Social for the time where my computer wasn’t being a piece o’ shite. I’m going back to bed to get up for work in a couple of hours! Wish me luck!!!

    Thanks Eric for hosting! πŸ˜€

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  3. Thank you Eric for making this awesome thing happen, the movie was fun in some parts.
    If I make a suggestion, I think Super Mario Bros. the movie should be watched on the next SHITFEST SOCIAL, it looks so very terrible.

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