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Happy Sunday and a little contest break here! Recently, I’ve interacted with a couple of GREAT people (one I’ve known for a bit and one I just met) and we all have new projects we’re putting together that we thought we could try and help each other out on. For those of you Most Beloveds who look out here regularly, you know I’m working on a movie trailer to try and use as “content” on a crowdfunding site to help fund a full-run movie I am trying to make – and – for even longer term Most Beloveds, you know how I support Independent Film earnestly. So – working on actually making an Independent, I wanted to draw your attention to a couple of Good Things and see if you could somehow find a way to support them, whether it be monetary or not – maybe spreading the word. Obviously, as an Independent, (we) don’t work for some sort of corporate, soul stealing, spirit sucking company that steals your ideas and then dumps you on the side of the road and pours their cigar ashes over your crumpled body. I work for one of those at the time of this posting and I’m eager to get out of it.

I (we) all know that money is hard to come by these days and we’re not 80s yuppies snorting coke out of stripper’s belly buttons but anything helps. The first thing I would like to bring to your attention is this fancy place run by someone I know and trust:


Just click on that image above to find out ways to help yourself and some other people. And, when I use the word people, I mean animals. When Misty posted about this the other day, I went and read the FAQs on The Rogue Runner site and thought 1) what the fuck, I can walk 5K and get a medal that I can hang around my neck when I go out to The Club and then 2) I’ll donate a lot of money to the animal charity as often as I can because that’s where I got 






I’ve always thought that if everyone got a little more cardio things would be a better place, but even if you JUST DO SOME WALKING that will be healthy for you AND – you can get something physically classy for your troubles (of trying to get healthy). This is a GREAT thing and you can watch the center image of the site to see up and coming events. 25 USD is NOTHING when it comes to other expenses you do every day. You can barely buy a box of beer for 20 bucks here anymore.. please think about it – help yourself and someone else – Rogue won’t steal your money – I promise you!


Another thing I came across during my adventures this week had to do with some good people putting together an independent film called LiveLove.


Doing exactly what I’m planning on doing, these guys have put together a nifty trailer for their movie in the hopes of raising money to finish it. I ask that you click on the poster above and give their page a look – maybe you can help out financially or pass the word along on your sites?


And finally – I’m pleased to announce that we have started our own small business:


Who knows if we’ll finish the movie and who knows if we’ll make money, but this is the logo we’ll do our darker movies under!! I hope you approve and here’s to the future!


  1. I loooove that logo, nice work EI! And excellent highlighting of some great independent projects here. I’m actually thinking of participating in the Hunger Games themed run in November (since I may be in the UK in October…. cross your fingers for me please!).


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  2. theroguerunners

    HIGH FIVES ALL AROUND! Thanks for letting people know about Rogues Runners that was super aces of you!

    (Anna, you can do the walking/running wherever you are, hell, it would be so cool if you did it in the UK! Take a picture while out and about! 🙂 )

    Logo looks pretty epic, I am very jealous of your logo skillz.

    XOXO – Carry @ the rogue runners 🙂

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    • theipc


      You’re so very welcome and thanks for all of the tweets about IPC Production Company!!!

      XOXOXO – FDR American Badasses forever!



  3. Eric! My #satanicbestie !!! What a freaking awesome logo! It looks so great! Also, I think it’s pretty fabulous that you’re spreading the word about all these other projects and yes… cardio would make the world a better place.


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  4. If you need a good looking Englishman with above average teeth and a semi decent physique, just pay my air fare and sort my 5 star accommodation out and I’ll head over.

    This is great to hear though dude, congrats to you being positive and making shit happen 🙂

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