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Hey Ginobili and PattyParker! Wanna watch some movies!?

Yeah! Yeah!

All right, first up…Birdman!

I Love birds


Does this get any better_

Ginobili, of course it does! Just give it a little more time. This movie won Best Picture, so you know it’s good!


Do you think we can watch something else_

What, you guys don’t like it? Okay, I will take it off and put on something else. How about Boyhood?

Ooh, I heard a lot of good things about that one


Is anything gonna happen_

Don’t be so impatient, Ginobili, this movie was nominated for an Academy Award, so you know it’s good!


I'd rather go to the vet

Ginobili, quit being such a negative Nancy. This is a BRILLIANT film; it took 12 years to make, so you know it’s good!


For The Love of God...Turn it off!

Okay, okay, calm down, PattyParker! If you cats hate it so much I will put something else on you’ll be sure to love. How about a good old-fashioned horror movie?

Yeah! Yeah!

Okay, time for “The Secret Village” but I’m warning you ahead of time it’s pretty scary, so I’m not sure if you two can handle it.

Better not suck


WTF is up with this acting!_

These are professional actors! One of the guys was in “Office Space” and the other actor was in “Mean Girls”.


This is about as scary as Blues Clues

Ginobili, you better straighten up your little, sassy attitude!


If I play dead maybe he will bury me in the yard


I can't take anymore! Turn it off or I will eat this  ruler!

Okay, okay, fine, I will turn it off. Boy, you cats sure are hard to please! I will put on “Eat, Pray, Love”…

I will Kill you!!!

**Gary Greg was discovered dead two days later in his home with a fatal puncture wound to the throat and half of his face bitten off. Beside the victim’s lifeless body, officers spotted a slew of scratched-up DVD discs laying across the floor, titles including “Eat, Pray, Love”, “The Secret Village”, “Boyhood”, “Birdman”, “Les Miserables”, “Speed 2”, “Exodus: Gods & Kings” and a bootleg of “San Andreas”.

The culprit, PattyParker, a 14 month male feline, was found eating through Greg’s leftover meal-deal box from Dairy Queen.

PP eating meal deal

Parker then confessed to the brutal slaying of his former owner and was arrested, paw-printed and placed in a downtown jail until his hearing could be arraigned…

PattyParker mugshot

Once evidence got to the judge what heinous acts were inflicted upon the murdering feline, the prosecution took the death penalty off the table.


Unfortunately, the damage was far too severe for Parker to endure, so he checked himself into a feline mental-institution to get psychiatric treatment to combat the heap of abuse and trauma he suffered at the hands of the deceased.**

Watch whatever I want

Sling Blade 2


      • GaryGreg828

        I found him in the parking lot of Firehouse Subs last year when he was like 6 weeks old. I brought him home that night, took him to the vet for shots and have been terrorized by him ever since! 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

      • GaryGreg828

        His name is “PattyParker” which is a combination of “Patty Mills” and “Tony Parker” from my favorite NBA team San Antonio Spurs.

        Patty Mills is one of my all-time favorite players b/c in 2012 he was the LAST GUY ON THE BENCH for the Spurs…and then in 2014 he turned it on and started getting playing time…and he LIT THE MIAMI HEAT UP IN THE FINALS and was a big reason LeBron left Miami after being dominated so bad.

        There was one sequence, I think it was game 4 or 5, where the Spurs had 4 possessions and Patty Mills drained 3 3-pointers; that was the tipping point where Miami just had no answer.

        I hated the Heat ever since LeBron signed with them in 2010 and had a pep rally declaring “the games will be easy” and they will “win at least 8 championships”.

        It was tongue-and-cheek and he was grinning when he said it, but everyone knows he joined forces with Dwyane Wade in Miami b/c they thought they would be invincible together and dominate the rest of the league.

        They weren’t counting on Patty Mills. 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

    • GaryGreg828

      It was well worth it, to give my life for Queen Julia!

      Speaking of…have you seen the trailer for her new movie “The Secret In Their Eyes” remake?

      It’s funny b/c she plays an officer and she’s at the station with her partners and their boss comes up and says “There’s been a homicide. A body found in a dumpster” and she and her partners get-up to go to the crime scene like it’s no big deal, just another day at the office…

      And then when they get on the scene Queen Julia seems unaffected as she’s not the one inspecting the body – and then her partner comes from the dumpster after seeing the body with tears in his eyes and Queen Julia looks at him nonchalantly knowing he had just inspected the body, and is like “What is it?” as if he were overreacting…

      And then he says “It’s your daughter” and then THE WHOLE WORLD STOPS!

      Queen Julia dives in the dumpster and breaks the rule about not touching a crime scene, etc. by holding her daughter and weeping…

      And now suddenly this corpse that wasn’t very important, has now become super important and top-priority. Why? Because this was QUEEN JULIA’S DAUGHTER!

      So, now she doesn’t care about any other assignments or anything else than to find the guy who did this…and of course she expects everyone else in the station to forget about all the other killers they are pursuing and HELP THE QUEEN FIND HER DAUGHTER’S KILLER!


      I can see this movie making its way to SF in the future! Maybe we can do a collab. lol.

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