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UM…………….. NSFW –beavers1A long time ago, our man Luke wrote about this movie and he didn’t like it very much but I thought it sounded like something I would like. Then it came out and I never really got around to it but Mister Pubes saw it and liked it. One day I took a day off and gave it a look and I really…. kind of loved it. It knows it’s a B movie – it relishes in it and it’s actually a lot of fun. If you think it looks terrible or you don’t like it because of its name – well….. it’s a LOT of fun despite any misgivings you might have from it’s appearance. I mean – from the start we get:beavers7And then, a little bit later we get a little bit of:beavers3And then some:beavers4And a little bit of romance:beavers6Plus – I know this guy:beavers5And, for real:beavers9


What’s it about? Some truckers hit a deer and their payload of hazardous waste rolls off into a lake. Then some chicks show up at the lake house to get away from their cheatin’ boyfriends and take off their clothes. Soon their dudes show up and some of them do some romancing and then they get attacked by savage beavers. Blood and fun ensue and this thing is totally worth watching. In fact, it’s almost like they made it just for me. Let’s go with that!

I totally had a good time with this and will watch it again when I have the time. It’s not QUIIIIIIIIIIIIIITE as much fun as BUCK WILD but it’s up there. Do it!


  1. It’s on Netflix. I do watch all kind of zombie stuff, but beavers ? Not so sure, lol. Maybe I will, if there’s no zombie movie to watch anymore.

    By the way, I watched a Philippine horror movie, titled THE ROAD. It’s on Netflix. It’s slow – paced and culturally different, but interesting. I hope you can watch it, theipc, and let me know your take on this ” foreign horror movie. “

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  2. GaryGreg828

    B movies can be a lot of fun when they are done right; there’s this movie on netflix and Amazon Prime called “Film Geek” about an awkward video clerk who is obsessed with movies, and all he does anytime he is interacting with anyone is go into extreme details about movies. It’s kind of like a B movie, but it’s actually good at the same time, and definitely something some of us film-geeks should check out. It’s funny how you will find yourself in Scotty at times.

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