Isaacs Picture Conclusions

THE SHITFEST 2015 ~ SUMMER WINNER IS…………..!!!!!!!!!



Wouldn’t you agree – baby you and me have a groovy kind of love???

The Frenchiest Frenchmen of them all!!!

Brian and Brad from HARD TICKET TO HOME VIDEO!!!


As much as it pains me to say that because I love It Follows and I have a lifelong vendetta against the both of them, YOU have spoken and chosen their post taking a shit on one of my favorite movies as the Shitfest champion!! Congratulations to those two sorry bastards!!

I’ll now begin the process of harvesting the souls of the innocents and casting their trophy! I think I’ll fill this one with some sort of poison!!

THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!! SHITFEST WAS EPIC!!! Let’s do it again sometime!!


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