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The first 45 minutes of this 2.5 hour movie are EXCELLENT. The direction and the camera work are innovative and super crisp. As far as I can tell the acting was great (although it is in Korean so I can’t really tell if it’s that good, to be honest). There’s the wicked set up for the story ahead – a secret agent’s wife is brutally murdered by a serial killer (that’s him in the poster), there’s a really cool and agonizing search for the body scene, a very, dare I say, moving funeral scene, and the I promise to get revenge for the dead wife shot.


Next up are two brutal track em down but it’s not the right guy moments and then an awesome, I finally got you, you sorry bastard part. Then, when he’s getting ready to drop the stone and crush the killer’s head, he stops. He decides he’s going to capture and torture this man over and over and over until he feels he’s suffered like his wife did. I think this is a cool idea, the super revenge movie, but, honestly, it got a little boring for the next overwhelming bloody and gory hour and a half. I mean – VERY violent and bloody. Turn your head grisly. After the third time this man’s been beaten and carved and smashed it’s kind of surprising the character’s not in a coma. But he does keep coming back, extracting revenge of his own until the very bloody end.


I just tried to count them up in my head – there are at least 14 gnarly kills in this thing involving women, girls, young and old men, and even a family of flesh eating cannibals – this isn’t something my wife would ever watch. But, like I said, the camera work, stunts, directing and even the score are all well worth it, but it’s not for someone with a weak stomach. There were three turn my head moments, and it even had a couple of make me jump shots – which is awesome since it’s kind of cool to get that scared feeling from a scary movie every now and then. So anyway – overall this is a “good movie” but, it’s very, very, very realistically violent.

For FILMNERD’s take on THE DEVIL INSIDE – click HERE!!

Also – be sure to check the DEVIL WEEK page for updated news about posts that aren’t on this site!


  1. GaryGreg828

    This review is so focused and serious! 🙂 It’s good, though. After SF ends, you should re-post this one so the new followers will read; it’s a good movie to recommend on here.

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    • theipc

      Ha ha ha!! Look at you reading that ooooooooooooold post!! I had to go back and look at it ha!! Good idea on the repost! Maybe more than two people will look at it lol! Happy 4th!!


      • GaryGreg828

        Yeah b/c I was going to recommend I Saw The Devil for you if you hadn’t seen it. I thought about it when we discussed The Raid on Fox’s site.

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      • theipc

        I liked I Saw the Devil all right but I thought it was too long and the constant gruesome violence got a little repetitive. It’s been so long but I remember there was some sort of confrontation at a train tunnel? and I was like…. ok let’s go…..

        *looking at the watch I don’t own*


  2. Ooooo….. I haven’t seen this one! And it looks pretty fabulous. I love DEVIL WEEK!!

    Should I send you my review? Or just post it on my site? Very exciting! So many great reviews popping up on my feed this morning!


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