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With a name like Devils Racecourse, this has to be good right? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BEEP – the correct answer is no. This movie was boring from start to finish, made little sense, it seemed like there was thirty minutes worth of just shots of people’s feet walking around in the leaves, the dialogue was awful, the acting just as bad and the “neato” twist they tried at the the end didn’t even make any sense – it gets a huuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh and an eye roll. While this isn’t a disgusting piece of shit like those on the Most Unclean list are, there’s not much redeeming value in here to speak about aside from, not to sound like a big perv, but the only decent thing in this is a good looking actress named Ashley Nicole Anderson running through the forest in her bra for most of the movie.  So – if you’re hunting the internet looking for an honest opinion because you’re on the fence with this one… turn away, child, turn away.


As far as this “story” goes – five people go to a place called Devils Racecourse for their annual hiking trip: the asshole dude, his enormous chested, bra-less girlfriend, the karate kicking tag along and two lesbians; the mousy Wendy and the motherly Susan. Even though they come here each year, only Susan can remember how to get to the shelter and Wendy is too frail to keep up – so they leave her behind (what?) and, while peeing in the woods, a man comes up from behind her, puts a knife to her neck and threatens to kill her. He then rips her pink shirt off (because “they’ll see her”) and tells her not to believe everything she sees on TV, gets shot, hands her a jump drive and tells her to “run and keep running!!!”. (oh – yes – he does tell her what’s on the jump drive – (proof that a scientist figured out who let out the Anthrax” {huh?}) So she runs off and runs and runs and we get the shots of feet and the folks at the shelter decide they aren’t going to go look for her. Then a couple of shitty actors show up and nothing really exciting happens except for two of them get killed while they are screwing by the creek. Here’s some feet for you:


What else…? Nothing really. I could spoil this – well why not. Turns out that the two characters are part of some government team trying to get the jump drive back and one of them beats everyone up, the other has a change of heart and almost everyone dies. At the kick ass ending – just kidding, Susan hands the jump drive to the local policeman who crushes it as she is driven off. She then pulls another one out of her pocket and soulfully eyeballs it (whaaaaat….). Then there’s  an “Earlier” segment the merits no attention as it had nothing to do with shit and the credits roll. Adieu, Devils Racecourse. This came up when I googled “girl with jump drive” so there’s that:


Here’s something that I think is much better than this movie. I rent most of my movies through iTunes (sometimes uVerse and Netflix). Well my iTunes has a credit card associated to it and I decided that I would rather use my own money to rent movies rather than have them come off the card. So I went to the drug store yesterday for some goods, got a 25 dollar iTunes gift card for myself and the clerk rang it up.  Well payday isn’t for a few more days and (since buying that phone I mentioned in The Man Who Collected Food, my personal account is a bit lacking) and the total was more than I expected, so I paid with my credit card. After I got in my truck, I realized that I just bought myself 25 bucks worth of movies on the credit card that I don’t want to rent movies with. How’s that for awesome?

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Also – I know I was kind of absent yesterday but check out our DEVIL WEEK page for some exciting new updates I made last night! You ALL rock!


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