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luprey1One day I was sitting around, minding my own business, trying not to bother anyone and get yelled at, when my good friend and dear fn Laura made a post about this movie. At first I was intrigued by her use of the word “pootling” but then I read further and this sounded like something I’d like. So, what did I do? I rented the mother fucker and totally loved it. The opening is actually quite good looking and the music is something to remember (the Good Reader will recall that I rarely notice a musical score) so I mentioned it on Twitter and our man Gary went and watched it but he didn’t like it as much as I did. He thought it relied to heavy on the flashbacks, which I actually enjoyed but it is what it is and I loved it. I loved the music and how everything just keeps spiraling out of control and things just keep getting worse and worse. The end might put a few people off but it didn’t bother me. luprey7Pollyanna McIntosh, who you may remember from the dreadful THE WOMAN cleans herself up nicely and plays the lead in this. She’s a cop recently assigned to a new station where she spends the night there battling evil. And a couple of bloodthirsty maniacs.luprey2On her way to the office she runs into Davos and cuts off some more of his fingers before sending him on a quest to find something or other.luprey3No, that’s not right. She dyes his beard black and then takes him to the jail for some questioning.luprey4Oh wait – some kid runs into Davos with his car and then Davo’s body goes missing. That’s it! She takes the kid to jail to lock him up and then Davos shows up! He’s a man of few words but he knows things about you. He knows who you are and he knows what you’ve done:luprey5The rest of the movie plays out over the course of the night with everyone basically going apeshit down in that jail. I really liked how everything kept escalating and the fight choreography was done well. Aside from these two handy pictures I’ve just published, it’s not super gory or anything and the dead people are just kind of alluded to in brief shots. But look how nice I am that I captured them for you here!luprey6

I read on the IMDB message board where someone said this is a rip-off of The Traveler – that movie where Val Kilmer plays a fat, yellow squash  (you should TOTALLY click that link!) but I’ve never seen it and don’t plan to. I thought this was a lot of fun and even watched it twice while I had it rented. One of the good things about the second viewing is that I was able to figure out who the missing kid was from the Jailhouse bulletin board. Suggested and recommended? Yep!


  1. GaryGreg828

    Thanks for the mention here. My problem with the film wasn’t so much that it had flashbacks, but that the flashbacks didn’t offer any new information; it merely implied the same things over and over, figuratively beating the dead horse. B/c the film took itself so seriously and seemed to be building for a shocking conclusion, I was expecting some big surprise. One may say “don’t go into a film expecting a big surprise, and you won’t be disappointed” and I would agree with that, but the problem with Let Us Prey is that it sets a tone that conveys to the viewer a big surprise or twist is coming. And then it just played out in a predictable fashion that was very disappointing and underwhelming to me.

    “The Woman” on the other hand was excellent! The guy who played the father, the one who was also in “Jug Face” is a great actor. I think he’s Will Ferrell’s long-lost brother. Iol. I liked “The Woman” mostly b/c I thought his character was intriguing, and how he tried to justify his actions, etc. And I thought the finale of The Woman was pretty awesome.

    Looks like we’re polar opposites on these two. I think we’ve been agreeing too much lately, so we’ve been due for a disagreement. 🙂

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  2. Ah, been waiting for this since I saw Ryan post about it a while ago! If I recall correctly it is available to check out this side now as well. Should totally get to it!


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