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Good morning! I’d seen this one out and about on all of the various channels and free porn online sites and never really gave it a chance or even a watch because the poster is a dude with a dirty face and a mohawk. Yes I do judge things by their covers…. anyway, a dude with a dirty face and a mohawk didn’t appeal to me but one day I was rummaging around in my #satanicbesties place and saw that she seemed to really like it and we agree pretty much #ninetyninepercent of the time so I told her I should give it a watch and then I did and I liked it for the most part – you know – a four top hat type of job – but I had to be honest and dock a hat because, as you know me, they talked a LOT. “TALK TALK TALK TALK TALK”  they said and then repeated ad infinitum. It’s not that the dialogue was bad or anything, there was just too much of it for me. I mean, who talks that much?? Oh – you know who talks that much? My accountant. I can never get off the phone with him after a reasonable time….route2I also didn’t ever look closely and see that the guy with the dirty face and the mohawk is Josh Duhamel who I really like, so I queued this up and saw him and Dan Fogler driving across the desert in an old Pick Up that could have been one of the ones I used to drive if it was red, but it wasn’t. So they’re old buds – Duhamel has gone off and got married and settled down and Fogler is that friend you have that’s still living in the past and thinks he can drum and wants to stay up all night drinking and taking pills like we’re fucking twenty one again but he just wants to have one last road trip with his buddy and relive old times.
route3I’m not really sure why Duhamel agreed to it but there they are and then the truck breaks down in the middle of nowhere – as they always do – and they’re fucked. They burn and blister during the day and freeze and fight at night and things just get worse and worse for them. One morning, after fighting and then shaving Duhamel’s head into a new hairdo as shown below, a car driven by an old bag pulls up to give them a lift and Duhamel comes limping and groaning to her car and she speeds off scared. That was pretty clever.route4Will they make it or not??? Do they fry up like bacon or bury themselves in the sand to die a frozen death?? Will there be a picture of Fergie in her bra at the end of this post?? Will she be unbelievably photo-shopped??? The action – when it happens – is great. So are the two actors and the make-up effects. If you don’t mind lots-o-talking movies, you’ll probably really like this, I’m just more of a visual guy and the talking gets too distracting.route5After everything was said and done, I liked this thing I just wish they would have shut-up a little. route6

On a side note – which anyone may or may not care about – since my environment has changed, this is what I am capable of doing when it comes to my blog and yours. ( A long time ago I took the LSAT {which is The Law School Admission Test} and my best scoring {and favorite part} was The Logic Box sequence, so feel free to make one if you feel the need or desire. This may seem stupid, but I feel like we’re all growing apart already….

On my “IPC computer”, using Chrome that I’ve used for so long, I can:

  • Create posts and upload images
  • Click on anything with a WordPress handle which will take about 4 minutes to load (maybe longer) due to “Unresponsiveness”
  • Read your posts but not comment on them due to the timeout thing
  • If I try Firefox I can log in to WordPress but if I click on anything like “posts” I have to log in again and it doesn’t take my password and it seems I can’t use both at the same time

On my “IPC MacBook”, using Chrome because Safari sucks, I can:

  • Log in to WP and create a post and such and do the reader but I’ve been sitting in the living room for three weeks and using the MacBook is a pain in my leg (I need a desk)
  • Try to do things quickly because that thing dies fast
  • Have to deal with CONSTANT updates that drive me insane

On my IPD iPad app I can:

  • Read your posts
  • Respond to comments in the Notifications thing
  • Look at dirty pictures on the toilet

On my phone I can:

  • Talk and text (and wish everyone had messaging on their Tablets)

So that’s that. I am in no way ignoring you, this is just what I figured when I found out I was losing my job… I am trying to be more mobile but my hands and fingers are big and I am so used to a keyboard. I’m trying, I promise.


  1. Think I’ll skip this film, sounds… a little boring actually. lol

    I still use a desktop. Can’t beat it really. I use Firefox and Pale Moon as my browsers. My fingers are also too big – at least for a phone. My tablet is all right, but a ‘real’ computer offers a whole lot more still in my opinion.


  2. #satanicbestie!! I’m so glad you liked this one! Although, it was pretty chatty (reminds me of Spring) but I liked it so much! And I really liked the ending too (even though those kinds of endings usually piss me off).


    You seem to be having a lot of trouble with your technology. That is stinky. What is this Logic Box thing?


    Also, how’s your game going?

    Liked by 1 person

    • theipc

      #satanicbestie !!! How’s your trip??

      I think it’s just that machine I’ve been using upstairs… I think it’s finally just crapped out.


      Thanks for asking about my game! I’m currently looking for a sleeping cat, a white grapefruit, a book of rare plants and a King chess piece HAHA!


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      • It’s great! I love it out west. So beautiful. Mountains everywhere and so many wineries!


        Also, I went to a kangaroo and wallaby sanctuary yesterday and help a baby kangaroo! Amazing! And, all I could say all day was, “I’m here to see a man about a wallaby.” Hahah!

        Ooooo…. a sleeping cat, eh? Check in the fridge. Those clever felines hide where you least expect it.


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  3. Ooh, Josh Duhamel is quite hot. Like a slightly less hot Timothy Olyphant.
    It sucks that you can’t do all your usual wordpressing, I get really annoyed when I try to access it on my phone, it almost never works.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. “….I do judge things by their covers…” – we are all guilty of this, no matter how hard we try to be better than that.

    Ah PSC, eventually you will find a way to make it all work, don’t worry. And soon enough you will be back up in an office and harassing the shit out of us all I am sure!


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