Isaacs Picture Conclusions


      • I googled it. Wow. Chicken nuggets and kids. Before googling, I snacked on Tyson chicken nuggets and spicy sweet sour sauce. Yummy. This reminds me of Chidren of the Corn. Stories of children gone bad are even scarier. That’s why , dolls have always scared me. And clowns. I’m going to watch this, for sure. I hope Netflix has this in their cache.


  1. 1982, 3rd grade, Schoolyard:
    Boy: “You got the cooties! you got the cooties!”
    Girl: “I do not! You’re a doodie head!”
    Boy: “Yes you do! (turning the words into a song)You got the cooties, you got the cooties!”
    More kids join in one the song….
    ah, those cootie memories!

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  2. This review rocks my socks – especially my #satanicleftsock. I want to do all my reviews like this. Words are for suckers.
    I miss you!! Sorry I’ve been out of the loop lately, I’m doing my best to catch up. What’s new with you?? Did you get your second interview? What are you looking for now? How’s the movie coming?? Geez, I’m behind on the times.


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