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finalg1I know I haven’t been around much these days but I had to take pen in hand and let you know about this one – many thanks to our beloved FILMNERD for recommending this to me because I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. It’s very rare that I laugh out loud during a movie but I did several times during this. It’s also very rare that I get a rise (no not a boner) out of things like this but there’s this extended slow motion scene about 3/4s of the way through that I watched over and over (aside from the two times I watched the entire thing while I had it rented). There’s also what you might call a dance scene shortly before that that blew my mind and I’ll never be able to listen to the song “Cherry Pie” the same way again. I totally loved this movie and I suggest you run – not walk – to get your hands on this thing.finalg5It also might seem unusual for me to love a PG-13 flick with no boobs and little blood but I sure did. This thing is smart and funny and clever and the acting is wonderful. So is the musical score, the effects and just everything about it. I can’t gush enough. One things I noticed the second time around was what the cast was up to. Normally you just watch the featured actor but I got to see what the supporting players were up to and this whole thing was just great.finalg3A group of modern day teens get magically sucked into an 80s slasher movie that’s filled with hilarious stereotypes, horny people and short shorts. Oh – and a gigantic killer that is an incredible parody of Jason Vorhees including his hilarious mask.finalg4I’ve never known much about Taissa Farmiga except for she seemed cute in the one episode of American Horror Story I watched. Actually, I think I watched a few because I think Connie Britton is hot but I kind of gave up after whatshisname beat himself off for the fifth time. Whatever. Anyway, Farmiga is awesome in this – and whoever was working the camera gets a hats off. I loved it all. final2

Below is the trailer but I think you should go in blind and just enjoy this without knowing what you’re in for. There’s some spoilers in there that might take a little away from the movie. For example, when Malin Akerman gets her head ripped off and the slasher attaches it to a tether ball pole and the campers have a tether ball tournament to the death over the course of three nights. I can’t believe they spoiled that in the trailer.

ENJOY! This is a GOOD ONE! I know this is always lame to say but I really wish I had been a part of making this movie.


  1. Sweetest Pappy!

    It seems hilarious. Zoë is slowly convincing me to watch horror for Halloween, so I will do this one if possible! (and another scary one, to show how seriously badass I am)

    Kidney G

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  2. Dearest ei,
    I’m so glad I found this one and I’m so glad you loved it as much as I did. I’ve come home early, feeling rubbish thanks to the office lurgy, but watching this again might cheer me up. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I genuinely can’t think of a single thing I didn’t like about this film. I think it’s easily my favourite film this year.

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    • theipc

      My Dear fn,

      I’m SO glad we met – we’ve shared some good stuff together!

      The only thing I could have wished for was some more blood – they could have gone crazy with what they set up – but it’s still a five top hats all the way!



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      • Dearest ei.
        Me too! I love your bizarre taste in films, and your posts are always hilarious. Plus it’s fun talking about crap films, I don’t know anyone in my corner of the world who has your kind of appreciation of terrible films.

        As for The Final Girls – which I still love and am going to watch over and over – I didn’t even realise or think it had such a low age certificate. I only saw that afterwards. Weird, huh?

        Yours good friend,

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  3. First off, great headline! Great review too though 😉 I’ve been waiting for this one. I’m loving the 80s vibe and self aware angle. Good cast too. Thanks for shining the spotlight here. This looks like a fanboy cult classic for sure. Too bad it’s PG, but they can get away with a lot more nowadays. This movie still looks perfect for my Halloween series BOOBS, BLOOD & THE BEAST: 31 Nights of Horror.

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