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BHAWK1Wow… it’s hard to believe I’ve vanished out of the blogging world so much… I never, ever wanted to but figured this would happen once I got out of my daily routine… I did five posts a day every week for almost three years… yowza… : ( – well – I watched this movie today and totally loved it, so I thought I would try and put something together about it (and keep up on my typing skills). This movie is pretty new so there aren’t that many pics to accent this thing but it will probably be a short post anyway since it usually takes me about a month to translate a movie into a published treatise. Either way and whatever – this movie fucking rocked!BHAWK2I found this movie under the horror genre in iTunes and – while technically not a horror in any way – it’s really fucking gory when it wants to be and I even had one: gag moment and a few: squint my eyes and turn away from the TV a little moments – which is not an easy feat and I applaud whoever did the practical effects here!! MUY BUENO!!!! But that’s not really the intent of the story, I believe. This is a very good Western with a lot of very good Western moments – while I was watching it and thinking about maybe typing something up for it – I was think of things like: “The Proposition meets Django Unchained meets Tombstone meets whatever Hateful Eight will be about” but then I remembered that I don’t like thinking about things like that so I tried to let it go and get back to business.BHAWK3In a very small town out in the American Frontier, three people get abducted. The dutiful sheriff, his “back-up deputy”, one of the abductee’s crippled husband and a vain fop of a fellow head out to bring them back. There’s no pomp or circumstance to anything here and there’s barely ANY music (which I loved). There’s not a lot of skin and they do use some salty language but the thing to look out for here – if you have a weak stomach – things get pretty grisly from time to time… but there’s also an element of comedy that really surprised me. And Matthew Fox was fucking great! I’m glad to see him showing his face again. I know I’m also not a guy to show trailers very often but here you go, if you like. No real spoilers in this one.

The title of this post might be a little misleading – because it’s not the best movie ever but I really did love it. The end was a little clunky but everything else really worked – especially the dialogue. If you’re a fan of The Proposition you’ll probably really dig this thing.




      • Good to see you back. Thought when I returned it was something I said. Was chatting to Tyson the other day too. He seems to be struggling to get the blogging buzz back but hopefully it works out. I’m enjoying it again, as it goes. How’s the film and how did the job interview go?

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      • theipc

        What up, Muckers??

        Interviews went great but I haven’t heard from them in three weeks… it’s hard to not worry and just be patient. I was thinking of you the other day – and no – not in THAT way, you horny Scot. Remember when we did that Shitfest post and I accidentally picked the name of a town you moved to? What was that again? That was hilarious!

        How’s Big Sexy Tyson these days?

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      • Just be cool, man. I was at an interview 6month ago and I only started getting shifts 3weeks ago. They took ages to process me and do the checks they needed to do. I can happen.

        Shit, man. What was the name you came up with. Was it Camspie Glen? As it goes, I’ve moved again. Still in the same area but even further out into nature now. Internet connection is shit, amigo.!

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      • It was fucking uncanny when you pick that place out, man. Haha!

        Yeah, I hear you. You realise that not working isn’t as good as you thought it would be. I’m working two fucking jobs now.

        As for Tyson, he’s good! Another baby on the way and he’s moved rurally as well. Same problems with the Internet as me. He said he was going to drop you a line. Apparently, you and I are the ones he misses most…. Dick.. 😉

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      • It did seem like a gang didn’t it? The blogosphere hasn’t been the same for a while. There was bunch of us that seemed to click and it seems it’s only you and I left from that bunch – unless I’m missing someone? 😦

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      • theipc

        Well… Misty has been posting some stuff lately and Hard Ticket is still up and running although I don’t get to either of their stuff that often…

        Film Hipster is dead although we still talk – he even did the posters for the movie trailer – I haven’t posted about that yet but Chris is still alive : )

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      • Yeah, I spoke to Chris last year at some point and I still love the header he done for me. His work was superb, man. We won a Swiss fucking watch with Chris’ talents. Great guy. Miss him. So many have disappeared, man. It’s sad as they were all great, individual characters. I hate to be hard on others but no-one has replaced them yet. That’s why I still cling to my Mucker! 😉

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      • theipc

        Fuck yeah, amigo!!


        We’ll meet sometime! We had to cancel the UK / Scotland trip when I found out I was going to get laid off but we’ll figure something out : )

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    • theipc

      I hope you love it! I am also happy to see him popping up in things – I always liked the guy – Thanks Anna!!!! X X X X X X



  1. We all miss you, but you deserve time for yourself too, #satanicbestie!! This looks great! I’m really looking forward to watching it, maybe this weekend. I watch The Final Girls and it’s amazing!! I’ll be recommending it one of these upcoming Fridays 🙂


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  2. This was very good. Haven’t seen a good horror-western since…well, forever. And such a great ensemble cast, Will be nice to see Kurt Russell put on the spurs again for Tarantino’s Hateful Eight. Great Review Eric!

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