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thesalvation1Well, remaining Most Beloveds, – I’m here to announce some sort of return to the loving world of WP and movie writin’. Who knows if this will last but I think I’ve thought of a way to kind of keep in touch (and keep my keyboard typing in practice : ) ) For four years I spent clacking away at the keys and, as you might remember, I lost my place where I did all of this work and…. I have been seen very sparse since. I’ve watched a TON of movies in my sabbatical and there’s no possible way I could report on all of them but, as a guy who thinks about things, I think I can TRY and get to some of them —-> but I can’t commit to the same format as I’ve used the last few years. So, I think, even if this post seems to go somewhat longer than what I envision in the future, I think I can do some brief writing and see if we can hang out. Now – after all of that – I really liked this thing.THESALVATION4Today we present another Western and this one really worked for me again. This is different, as it’s presented from a Danish company and has lots of foreign dialogue. It’s bleak, it doesn’t utilize a bunch of irritating music and it gets ugly. It’s also pretty fucking fantastic. The movie centers around a sullen and leather-mitt looking Mads Mikkelsen out in the American Frontier – his entire family is murdered and he comes back from the almost dead to exact revenge. There’s not a lot of talking ( #win ), there’s not a lot of symphony-score and it’s really bloody. Also – I know how this site has gone for ages and ages and, even though the lovely Eva Green is in this – there’s: #nobooobsthesalvation3You know, I actually really, really liked this movie. I think I liked Bone Tomahawk more (probably because of the subtle use of comedy) but this was really good. If you like the Older Westerns, I bet you’d like this thing.


  1. ERIC!! So glad to have you back, #satanicbestie. I watched Bone Tomahawk. WOW! Loved it. Might be a while till the review is up – I’ve actually been on a really great streak for movies lately. I’ve seen nothing but great horror/thrillers for about 6 or seven movies in a row (that NEVER happens). Anyways, now I have to write about all of them. The price we pay for watching great movies 😉

    Anyways, it’s great to see you back at it, let me know if you need anything.


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  2. Eric! Awesome. So glad you mentioned this the other day and now you did a review. I am planning on watching it this weekend. I did so enjoy the Bone Tomahawk. Looking forward to this one. My door is open when you want to get back to writing with me. Best to you my friend.

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  3. Welcome back EI, we missed you! I hope everything is going really well for you and that the film is coming along awesomely. I freaking loooove Mads Mikkelsen so I have to see this! I’m also surprised that there’s no boobs if Eva Green is in this. Love her though.


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