Isaacs Picture Conclusions


gary1I know this place is 99.99 percent movie related but there have been some non movie business posts out here – like THIS – but, as an animal lover, I couldn’t say no to a friend with a pet in need. I know that if I was in the same boat, I’d do the same – so please see the following message from our man on the street, Gary:

IPC Crew,

Isaacs owes me a favor since I called off my cats from surging to Oklahoma to claw his ankles up after losing in their “Shitfest” submission some months back (speaking of, shouldn’t there be a new one in the near future?)…and so I am turning in said favor for him to post a link to a fundraiser I just started in an attempt to save my cat.

My ailing cat is Ginobli, who was one of the cats from the “shitfest” entry I submitted, and I would highly appreciate it if you would look at the post and share it on your social media sites b/c the more who see it, the more chances of getting some donations so that I can take her back to the vet and get her tested and treated; it’d be awesome if you had enough to spare for a donation, but if not, posting to Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc. and asking your followers to share on their sites could be almost as valuable.

Please read the link for more details.

My Sick Cat Needs Medical Attention ASAP. Please Help!


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