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pound1It takes a lot for me to write about a movie I just watched but I wanted to get something out here while I still have some momentum in me and, over the years, I’ve learned that NO ONE (at lease in the U.S.) looks at this place over four-day-weekend-holidays (the majority of my traffic comes from Americans fucking off at work) so here we go. The name of this movie may be contrived to fit this place since we all have had lots of laughs at making ridiculous tags in our comments but that’s really it…


pound2I do have to say that there is one thing about this movie that was pretty good – the cinematography during the first third of the movie. It was beautiful and I was hoping to love this thing and recommend it to everyone. Then, while I was TRYING to deal with a bunch of screaming twelve year old girls, they introduce a shitty and epilepsy inducing gimmick where the young ladies in question are uploading dozens and dozens and dozens of selfies to some game or app or something that looks like the most heinous Japanese video game or production ever. I don’t know if it’s real or I just didn’t get it but I hated it and almost had to look away most of the time they were slamming that in my fucking face. But again – the first part of this was really good looking.


pound3The plot? These six underage chicks who live on their phone have a party. They insult each other constantly, take incessant selfies and upload them somewhere, run each other off and then someone starts killing them. Since they are underage, I guess you can’t show that onscreen so there’s nothing too gruesome but they scream and yell mercilessly and the graphics might cause you seizures. But….. the first third looks really, really pretty. And – despite the constant yelling, the actresses do a really great job. Oh yeah – I’ve never been a big fan of Timothy Hutton (some of you might not even know who he is) but he’s in this and……………………………………………… he didn’t change my opinion (but that could have been the editing department)


pound4A lot of this movie looks really good. A lot of this movie is pointless and stupid. I applaud the chick who made this – looks like she’s been around for awhile and finally got make her own movie. Ultimately – for me – this thing was irritating and had me playing a game on my iPad and I don’t even think I’m THAT distracted and ONLINE like the people displayed here. Be careful if you watch this one!

pound5Isaacs signing out! For those of you who recognize what’s a holiday where I live – be careful! Have fun! Take some fucking days off! Relax!



    • theipc



      P.S. We were without power for almost two days and it really sucked.


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