Isaacs Picture Conclusions



Hello from my extended absence! A few days ago, a friend of mine watched a movie that he or she didn’t particularly care for so she or he got loaded up on codeine, wrote up something about it and asked if he or she could put it on my site. I said, “of course!” and asked if he or she would be willing to post occasionally, thinking that maybe between the two of us, we could get some content out here every now and then. She or he said something like “Fuck yes!!” and here we are.

I just looked up the word codeine to make sure I spelled it right and it seems that aside from being a useful cough medicine, it’s also a good remedy for diarrhea so I hope he or she is doing ok in the sore bottom department if that’s the case. I never want anyone to have a sore butt.

In any case, look for something soon from a guest writer out here and keep rocking and rolling, sore butts or not!

In the meantime, here’s some guts:



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