Isaacs Picture Conclusions


I was looking at my stats the other day and saw that someone was giving this a bunch of looks and that made really happy because I love this movie and this post so I thought I’d share it again for everyone to enjoy! Have fun and don’t catch the Prickly Heat!


When I first started doing this Drive – In series, I struck gold pyrite a couple of times with INVASION OF THE BEE GIRLS and DON’T LOOK IN THE BASEMENT and DEVIL TIMES FIVE (and even a couple of others) but then they started getting a little shitty and I started getting a little dismayed that my project would fizzle out but – I rummaged around in my upstairs movie ottoman and found some old copies of “Drive – In Double Features” by Stardust Something or Other and my hope was restored (for better or worse) (I don’t set any records for hits, likes or comments on the days I post these). Anyway – I plopped this in the other day and it started off a little iffy but then actually got kinda good and after it was over I felt like – well – fuck – I liked it!

If you’re not from the 70s like I am, this probably won’t resonate with you like it did me, but this is the type of thing I remember catching on cable late at night – after my mom had gone to sleep and my friend and I would sneak into the living room and watch TV with no sound to try and catch some boobies. In these things we would find: some women going around without bras and losing their tops and dresses and doing The Sex, unshaven men (read: thick, un-metrosexualed beards and disheveled hair) wearing flowery shirts and messing with drugs of some sort, some semblance of a plot and lots of music that was normal for the time. I know every person has “Those Were Much Simpler Days” in their own head but the 70s were mine and this was a nice little reminder of my personal Isaacs Simpler Times.

John Savage (from THE DEER HUNTER or IF you’re REALLY cool Hank Scudder from CARNIVALE) plays the typical nomadic, roaming, prodigal son dude who just gets back from the scouring the U.S. That chick in the picture above is his brother’s wife – nay, divorcee, played by someone named Anne Saxon who does not have one more single credit to her name on IMDB. The brother (Will MacMillan) is also bearded and currently balling his lady friend Deborah (Meridith Baer – who you actually might remember form some old 70s TV shows. I promise I thought she looked familiar despite her short resume.) while smuggling heroin across the Canadian border. Quickly, Saxon’s character is smitten with Savage’s and MacMillan’s is pissed and he hurts Savage in a water basketball game so Savage balls Baer and – well – you know how heroin smuggling, sleep with your old lady, get revenge things go. I would actually recommend this to someone who wants to envelope the 70s but there’s very few of us left, so…. I don’t know – I liked it.

I also LOL-ed when the two brothers are sitting on a park bench and the other one starts rubbing and itching his balls. “You got some kind of disease??” Savage asks, looking repulsed. “Prickly heat….” his brother replies, grimacing.

There aren’t very many pictures of this out on the webs to lift so I am going to treat You to some random pics that come up when I google “The Sister In Law movie 1974”.


    • theipc

      Dearest Kidney!!

      I had a LOT of fun with this movie. Maybe one day you can get a taste of the distant past which was my youth and give it a look : ) : )

      Miss you too!! I’m trying to be more active….


      Sugar Pappy Giuseppe



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