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*I watched this the other day for the first time since I posted this on September 5, 2011 and I loved it just the same, if not more. I think this was maybe my fourth post ever, so it’s pretty bad – not that the ones I’ve done since then are good LOL. If you want to see someone else’s (who is very dear to us) thoughts on this from back in the day – and it is a TREAT – CLICK THIS LINK! (You won’t regret it)*

This movie took a bad rap by critics and the public, but I don’t know why – this thing was hilarious, extremely bloody, had great action sequences, a GREAT villain in The Accountant, stupid one liners that actually made me “LOL” occasionally and looked great (I still continue my boycott of 3D). I think this was marketed wrong – I remember seeing the commercials thinking this was batshit Nicholas Cage trying to make another “Con-Air” type summer-action-movie, and I thought it looked like a pretty stupid one. But, when the movie was released for download / DVD, the local DVD review guy advised this was an awesome “Grindhouse” style flick (like “Planet Terror”, “Machete”, “Hobo With a Shotgun”, etc) and shouldn’t be taken for more than that. And that’s what I got, a movie with completely over the top violence, sex, blood, gore, cars, explosions, cursing and cheap dialogue. Why not five THs? Well, I just can’t put it on the same shelf with “Kick Ass”, “Rubber” or “Frozen”, but i really liked it and will definitely watch again – soon.

This won’t ruin anything for you – this isn’t really “explained” until the end, but Nic Cage and his crazy hair escapes from Hell in a hot rod to prevent a Satan worshipping cult from sacrificing his granddaughter to Old Scratch himself and bring Hell to Earth. How “Grindhouse” can that get? Along the bloody, shotgun blasting path to revenge (they killed his daughter too you see) he is joined by a very attractive, almost nude blond, of course, after he saves her life from her cheatin’, abusive fiance. They team up and plan to head to the site of the ritual. Before they can get there, though, we are introduced to William Fichtner as The Accountant. Apparently he has been sent from Hell to bring back Cage and keep the numbers right. I can’t even offer how cool this character is, or if he or the director made it into something so wicked. He talks strangely, he walks strangely, he is all powerful and can kill you without looking at you and is also polite. We also get Billy Burke as the AWESOME head of the Satan worshippers and even a cameo by my old fave Tom Atkins.

So Cage and the blond head from Texas to Louisiana in a souped up Dodge Charger, with the Accountant following at arm’s length and Burke’s henchmen cultists trying every ten minutes to bludgeon, behead, shoot, tase, hatchet, run off the road, or stab them.  When I write this  it’s all comically “over the top” and not to be taken seriously. I mean, in one hotel, Cage is sexing it up with the waitress while fully clothed, a cigar in his mouth and a bottle of whiskey in one hand. She asks him why he doesn’t “F” in the nude. He replies that “He never undresses before gunplay” then whips out  pistol in his other hand and starts blasting the cultist as they come into the room –> while still giving the sex to the screaming waitress, for several minutes, while the bodies pile up in the hotel room. Or – about halfway through the movie Cage gets shot in the eye and half of his head is covered in blood. Well, it stays that way for the rest of the run time – nice.

Anyway – I recommend this movie to everyone – but it’s violent and bloody – 70’s Grindhouse style.


  1. Okay okay – I was maybe a little harsh in my wordy review. I can see it definitely being a guilty pleasure for some. It’s just that Nicolas Cage and his HAIR again! Annoys me, that hair! 😉 William Fichtner was pretty cool, though – I like him. And, of course, Amber Heard!


  2. I love that that’s your favorite ever review of mine – I think I should just do all of them like that. Would certainly save me time! 😉 To be fair, though, I did post that on the SECOND day of my blog existing…. Lol! Am I a good writer or WHAT?? ;-p

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  3. Dearest PSC,

    Excellent review, and thank you for that wonderful link, what a great one!

    I still haven’t seen this, to be honest. There have been so many times where I have come close, I have just never finished. Oh well hahaha. Maybe someday.



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