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For some reason, this post got a lot of hits last week and over the weekend ~ I had kind of forgotten about it until then (originally posted in 2012) – now that my memory has been refreshed – I REALLY liked this thing – I need to go watch it again…


Have you ever been sitting around, minding your own business with nothing to do or watch and then you check out Hulu for the  first time ever, identify 100 movies that you’ve never heard of but most of them look a little dodgy and then pick something called EARTHLING that turns out to be fucking excellent??? Well I did. But, before you all go running out to Hulu to watch this, let me advise something: there’s not a lot of action or scares or humor or The Sex or Hollywoodness in this. This is a thinking man’s Sci – Fi and they don’t give you any shitty dialogue-y explanation for free; as in, I really didn’t know what was going on most of the time because it’s not fed into our mouths by some gimmicky shit like someone’s talking to themselves out loud, all alone  in a dark room.


But I get it. You know how when you’re really stoned you get everything, even though you probably wouldn’t if you were 100% sober? Like, you know: String Theory. That’s kind of how I feel about this. I didn’t really get everything that was going on the entire time, but after it was all over, I did some reflecting and I think I get it. And it’s not like I hit the bong, either. It’s just rolling around in my head and my brain is all “Aaaaaahhhhh… yes… I get it…. right…!” This is a wonderfully made movie with SUPERB acting, an EXCELLENT score, great F/X,  ICK blood effects and is chock full of believable people that make believable decisions. But this might not be for everyone. People who know me constantly say that I am slow and pokey when I go about doing things – and I am – because I try and do it right the first time, so I take my time and make sure I do it right. EARTHLING fully takes it’s time getting to the point, so it might drag on too long for some people but, for me, it was totally worth it.


All sorts of honors need to go to the two lead actresses, Rebecca Spence and Amelia Turner – they were fucking brilliant. I believed in them and what they were doing and we didn’t get any bullshit over acting or anything like that. Not to say that the rest of the cast wasn’t really good too, but these two really stood out to me. That’s Spence in the tub and here’s Turner in  a photo from the web:


Bravo, ladies!!

So, what’s this  all about? Here’s the blurb from IMDB: “After a mysterious atmospheric event, a small group of people wake up to realize that their entire lives have been a lie. They are in fact aliens disguised as humans. Now they have to make a choice. Live amongst men, or try to find a way back home.” IMO, you’re probably not going to get that from your initial viewing of the movie as that is pretty much the last ten minutes. I took it as a dramatic, disjointed look into the lives of two people as they come to terms with the fact that something’s wrong with them, eventually learning that they are, in fact, aliens in human bodies.


Spence’ “Judith” is trying to get her life in order after a car wreck that killed the baby inside her. Oh and she’s developing some sort of horns at the top of her forehead. Elsewhere, a character named “Sean” (Matt Socia) (the astronaut) has come back from the space station and is in a coma. Oh and he’s got something growing in his stomach. Oh and they have the exact same dreams. And so do a bunch of other people. I am not going to give anything away about this movie – because I think it deserves to be seen so I’ll just end with: this is really good. Slow and a little confusing but really good. This is probably suited for fans of AMBER LAKE, MOON or ABSENTIA.



  1. I watched the movie twice. You have to pay attention. If you want action, blood, gore, and guns, this is not for you. This movie makes you pause and think. What must it be like to suddenly realize that you are not from earth? But there are so many twists in this movie you have to watch it more than once. The twists are given to you in snippets and you have to weave them together. It forces you to figure it out, which is what I totally love. I also found the camera shots, the directing to be superb. The realism also gets my vote!


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