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jogger1For the six of you who still exercise the right to torture yourselves read this place, trust me that I’ve watched a lot of movies during my absence… usually four a week – two up to New Jersey and two back, I just haven’t been around a laptop that can access WP without getting me fired, so I haven’t written about many of them. (Which is also why I can barely get to YOUR posts – I can see them in the reader on my phone when I poo but the reader really sucks so…. cry!) Anyway – the purpose of that is to say that, based on my last post – it seem weird and collusion-y to read that my last two posts were films shot and created where I live but… that just happens to be how it turned out.

jogger7That 11:01 thing I posted about last week was filmed about 30 minutes from here while this Jogger thang was shot around the lake where I live! Mrs The IPC went to school with the wife of the guy who wrote and directed this thing, so they are friends on FB and we would see her put things on FB about filming in this park next to us and up at the lake and that was exciting and everything but then this never came out so I speculated that they were full of shit. I guess after this, they made some movie called Rudderless and that went big time so someone finally decided to release this on it’s coattails and here we are. But, before I get into that, I would like to talk about something else I watched last week:

jogger4If you have ever been interested in time travel, you might have thought about spending some time in the 60s where men would wear swim trunks that exposed one or both balls, depending on how he was sitting, and they actually had chest hair instead of that irritating “I just shaved my chest with an electric razor” stubble. Or, you may have wanted to travel back to 2012 when I first started talking about movies and wrote about The Swimmer HERE. Those were different times, both the 60s and 2012 – I mean, just look at that 6-pack of Coke – but we can still see and deduce that the universal signal for “give me head” remains timeless:

jogger5The Swimmer is a remarkable story about a man’s decent into madness, which is a long stretch from the short story by John Cheever (as far as I’m concerned) but – if you decide to watch – you might see Burt Lancaster’s wrinkled nuts pop out of his trunks a few times, you might see him seduce a teenager and you just might see him outrace a horse. I actually wasn’t born until a little bit after this movie came out but god damn you gotta love it. I’m going top go ahead and categorize this with the category “Jizz” even though there isn’t any on display in either of these movies but, if all of those people who find my site googling “wrongturnsexfucksister” click that, they might make it over to Erin’s site : ) She could use some more googly perverts.

jogger6But, back to The Jogger, you know – everything has it’s pros and cons (except bacon) and – whatever – I liked this movie. Sure it was filmed just outside my back yard but… it could have used some more location. The lead is kind of a dud in the emotion-acting department but his wife actress is totally hot. The ending is a little too what-the-fuck-y for it’s own good but hey – support local art, right? I don’t know – I liked it despite some of the stuff in there and I would watch it again. Why not?

jogger2And, to address the small congregation that still comes to this place to worship and get your tits out, I’ll be working from home the next week (the week this posts) so MAYBE I’ll have time to get out more than one piece. I think that’s fair enough and due warning so THE IPC: Over and out!

jogger3P.S. That’s not me – that’s the chick from the movie. I’m a hairy, tall dude:



    • theipc

      Hello to you, my dear Ashley!

      HAHA!! The Swimmer is awesome! Martinis in the morning? Check. Nudists? Check. Racing a horse? Check!


  1. I have my tits out right now. The stubble rash is killing me.

    On 14 March 2016 at 11:03, Isaacs Picture Conclusions wrote:

    > theipc posted: “For the six of you who still exercise the right to torture > yourselves read this place, trust me that I’ve watched a lot of movies > during my absence… usually four a week – two up to New Jersey and two > back, I just haven’t been around a laptop that can ac” >

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  2. I love watching films and TV shows that were shot locally, it definitely adds something to the experience. Living in Brighton, I was a bit disappointed that the Brighton Rock remake was mostly filmed in Eastbourne. Their original seafront is basically in tact whereas ours isn’t. Those drugged up hippies in the 1960s knocked down many of the beautiful old buildings and put up obscenely ugly lego brick buildings in their place. For shame, 1960s people, for shame.

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