Isaacs Picture Conclusions


nina1I haven’t done one of these short reviews in a while (not that mine are very long – I’m just a slower than fuck writer) so if you want to look at a much better piece on this, check out our dear friend Luke’s treatment HERE. In any case, real quick, a hot grocery store clerk falls for a grocery store stock boy whose girlfriend has just died.  Before too long, they get to banging and every time they get after it, the dead girlfriend shows up, all mangled and bloody- just in time to interrupt the Big Finish. Poor fuckers! Literally!

nina2There’s an underlying drama to this but I found it quite funny – in a way that I find things funny. Like – no matter where Nina turns up there’s always streaks of blood behind her (like above). Or they way the male lead ALWAYS looks appalled when he’s talking with Nina’s mother. Or the noises Nina makes when she’s just laying there – shluuuuuuuuuuurp squish squish shluuuuuuuuurp.

nina3I quite liked this thing even if it gets a little slow in places but I would totally watch it again and “Jolly Good, Old Chap” to the directors and special effects teams because they did a really good job and that’s what you say to people from the UK right?? RIGHT?? This was a good one but: there’s lots of nudity and sex in here so if you’re not into that, be aware. This probably isn’t one you want to watch with your mom. Or during church. Or when you have a couple of service men over fixing your fireplace. Or replacing your garbage disposal. Or in front of Luke Abbott (as referenced above).

P.S. If you google image this movie most of the pics will be in the vein of the poster I put in here at the top – there’s a LOT more to this thing than that : )


  1. Been meaning to see this for a while, it sounds like a really interesting premise. The dead girlfriend was in that Channel 4 show Utopia. Did you ever see it? I think you might like it. It’s weird, and violent and clever. Have a look.

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