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This post will look weird since I wrote it so long ago and then re-posted it a second time BUT – I recently watched this guy’s newest movie and I LOVED it so I thought I’d post a couple of my pieces on his first two movies while I try and find some time to write about the new one: HUSH. SPOILERS: I loved it!


I just watched this again the other day and loved it just as much as the first four times I’ve seen it so I thought I’d re-post this old piece I did instead of writing up something new. I absolutely love this thing!

As a note – I am also going to re-post some older, seasonal minded things to get us horny in the Christmas spirit!

Ok – here’s the thing. I used to work in a restaurant for a LONG time and I HATED it the most but a man has to make a living, right? Anyway, one of the things they taught us from day one is that “presentation is the first principle” because as the wait staff is lugging the customer’s food out through the dining lobby, other people will see it and be encouraged to order the same thing. Why are you telling us this, Isaacs? Why don’t you get to the fucking point? Well – I have been passing on this excellent movie for a year now because of the shitty looking movie poster that came with it on iTunes and Netflix. I’m not talking about the excellent one up above, and I’m not taking about this one either:

or this one:

I’m referring to this crummy piece of shit that literally made me skip to something else because this just screams B-Horror, cheesy suckiness:

I mean, huh? That looks awful. Well, let me tell you this movie is all kinds of NOT AWFUL and I wish I had watched this a long time ago so I could sing its praises and convince others to give this a go. So, FOR REAL, if you haven’t given this the time of day because it doesn’t look good from the poster, don’t worry about that because this is REALLY GOOD. The acting was SUPERB – way to go Katie Parker and Courtney Bell and Dave Levine and Morgan Peter Brown and Justin Gordon – you guys rocked! Especially our two female leads. I was actually very sad for Bell’s Tricia a number of times and I really thought Bell and Parker could be sisters. What else? The direction and camera work were fantastic, the creature (even though we don’t see much of it) was fucking all kinds of icky, the idea behind the story was awesome and I LOVED the way they played out different versions of what could have just happened. Very good job People Who Did Absentia, I can’t wait to see it again. Oh, and for those of you lucky devils who have seen this – I loved what they did with that shoe : )

So, Parker there with the toothbrush in her mouth is the recovering-drug-addict-who-might-be-a-little-touched-in-the-head sister of very pregnant Bell whose husband (Peter Brown) has been missing for seven years. She rolls into town to help Bell’s Tricia pack up to move out and support her getting the death certificate filed and all of that. Soon after she arrives she goes for a jog having to pass through an ominous tunnel and Tricia starts having visions of her missing husband, well, haunting her I suppose, that’s actually good for some jumps. The next day or so, returning from her jog she comes across a bloody and presumably beaten Doug Jones lying there who says things like “you can see me?” and “Trade??”. That night she leaves him some food and the next day she finds a bunch of old timepieces and other things on her doorstep.

I am not going to spoil anything for anyone here but things get pretty wicked awesome for the rest of the movie and I mean that. Things get creepy and the creature – shudder – makes an appearance… or does it? That last pic I posted is my favorite scene from the movie and I really did watch it three times – great work people! To finish up so you can get this thing started – this is totally worth it if you have to rent it, or even buy it, this is a must watch, amigos! I actually took a day off today, slept til ten for the first time in 20 years and watched this in bed with a dog and a cat. Then I got out of bed at noon and typed all of this up and now I am going to the local Arby’s to get one of their new eighteen pieces of bacon BLTs and I am probably going to watch this again. Good stuff, good stuff!

Oh yeah, if you’re sensitive to some of the subjects I often mention out here, there’s nothing risque in this; no skin, not really any blood and maybe a couple of salty words, Mary : )


  1. I LOVED Absentia. So much that I actually went out an bought a copy even though I’d already downloaded it from the ‘Bay. Just so I could support the people who made it. Truly Lovecraftian, very well acted and awesome. I recommend this one all the time. 🙂


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  3. Tom

    Great work Ipes! I shall have to investigate into this after I investigate what this horrid smell is coming from underneath my blouse. . . .

    Oh, and Merry Christmas!!!!!!!! Fill it with luv and ha-penis.

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


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    • theipc


      Marry Christmas to you!!! I don’t think that smell is coming from underneath your house – it’s coming from that mystery stocking YOU didn’t hang…….






  4. Tom


    Now all I wanna do is go running around and yelling ‘HUSH’ in people’s faces!!! Subliminal advertising

    Liked by 1 person

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