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darling1In my life I have never claimed to be quick at anything – I’m slow and deliberate and take my time to decide what to do and what the consequences will be because I don’t want to get yelled at and would rather do it right the first time than sit around on constant conference calls deciding what went wrong and all of that shit for eternity. That being said, I’ve thought about this movie for a number of days and still can’t quite decide what I thought about it so I don’t know what the consequences of this post will be. Public shame? Ridicule? Have you brought lettuce to my site today and plan to throw some heads at me? I’ve always wondered about that – who brought lettuce to plays and such back in the old days? Wasn’t money scarce? Hi honey! Let’s go to the theater tonight for the big show! Bring some lettuce! Well – let’s see here –

darling2The lead in this is fucking fantastic. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a better “face actor”. She’s got the wide eyes and the perfect mouth acting abilities. Looking at her credentials, it appears she was in JUG FACE. LOL – remember that movie?? But yeah – she rocks here, totally.  Sean Young is in this for about five minutes as is Larry-fuckedupteeth-Fessenden.

darling4Filmed in black and white – the visuals are pretty good although you will have to deal with a bunch of strobe light popping. There’s even a warning before the credits about the flashing lights – I guess so you’re prepared in case you’re afraid you might have a seizure. I didn’t really see the point in all of that visual noise but OK. About 2/3 of the way into this something REALLY FUCKING GROSS goes on – so gnarly I had to turn my head – but it’s shown in these .2 second shots that you might be OK wth it. I’m surprised they got away with that based on what appears to be a pretty small budget. Good job, practical effects team!

darling5This movie reminds me of some sort of cross between REPULSION, ROSEMARY’S BABY and LORDS OF SALEM – although I only really liked the last one of those and this thing doesn’t have much of a payoff. I was also kind of pissed that they never showed what’s behind the door. (Scroll over that for a spoiler if you want) As well, I don’t know what time frame this was set in – I figured it was modern but this guy’s driver’s license expires in 1971 so…. 

darling3I think the thing Liked most about this was the mid-end credits scene where they are introducing the new girl and it’s this actress named Helen Rogers who was the only thing I liked about the movie BODY. I never wrote about that one but you can read a fun review of that from someone who liked it at that link.


I guess, overall I would say I liked this but it’s very slow, not much happens and you have to deal with some irritating super-flash visuals. Most questions are left unanswered but it sure looks good and has some super creepy moments. There’s also some stabbing and some body part sawing for good measure but overall I guess I was left unfulfilled. Good enough for a flight to Denver I suppose! If NOTHING else – it’s better than this toilet paper at this hotel I’m staying at!


  1. I believe that the lead for this was excellent, though the film itself was not the greatest thing ever. I will watch it soon and then we can talk about it!


  2. I’m with you there, it’s a tough one to digest and even harder to write a review for. I was also confused about the time period—it definitely appears to be older (the phone she uses is ancient), but there are some shots when she’s outside that you can see modern cars driving around (budget issues I’m assuming). I also hated not being able to see what your spoiler was eluding to because Carter’s reaction to it is so fucking perfectly terrifying. My favorite scene of the movie right there.

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  3. GaryGreg828

    PS: yeah, i recently watched “Body” last week and what a disappointment; it had a good set-up and then made a questionable move and then followed-up with a couple more questionable moves to turn into a complete mess and waste of a “story” with no point.

    *That should be the tagline on the movie’s poster. lol.

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