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76aI’ve been struggling with how to go about this piece – I know people always give other people shit for giving something top marks but I always find the need to remind The Good and Beloved Reader that I am not a movie critic and this place doesn’t exist to embrace the fields of movie canon with shit about Academy Award nominated “films”. This place was designed to talk shit about shit movies in public and not on my friend and my work servers. Eventually, somehow, some people started looking at this place (god forgive their innocent souls) and we made a little community and this place became what I liked to call a “bistro” where we could hang out and get loaded and get our tits out and smoke weed and do whatever we wanted to and just have fun. You know, kind of like the 70s when no one fucking cared about anything and we could just do what we wanted. With all that being said, I ABSOLUTELY FUCKING LOVED THIS MOVIE and a lot of it embodied everything I have ever wanted with this site out here. I mean – if Mrs The IPC would let me, this is what my living room would look like:

76JSmoking, drinking, bell bottoms, not wearing bras. CHECK. No Will Ferrel catshit eating, no Leslie Jones or Melissa McCarthy screaming, CHECK! This is how I like my comedy – sly and demure. Plus – it looks exactly how it looked when I was growing up. Back before I had to work and pay taxes and mortgages and fly out of town all the goddamned time. This reminds me of when things were easy for me and I just loved it from start to finish. All the way, baby. Plus – sign me up first for when these Servo-bots are available to being me my cocktails:

76cI watched this twice – on two consecutive flights and I loved it even more the second time. The second time you can watch the face acting and the body work. The way they use their eyes and mouths to convey annoyance or confusion is hilarious.ย  PLUS – when the little girl, Sunshine, is crying and going on about her baby gerbils absolutely broke my heart. What a great little actress. And Patrick Wilson was fucking great – I think he’s might be my new favorite actor out there. Not to mention, I SWEAR that the wall paper below was the wall paper in my dad’s office when I was growing up.

76dSo what’s this all about? Loneliness and isolation.Trying to find love. Trying to protect your loved ones. Trying to make your way. My fucking childhood. It’s like they made this movie just for me and I loved it. Will you like it? If you grew up in the 70s like me and watched show like Doctor Who and Star Trek and Three’s Company and The Muppets and movies at the Drive-in and such, I bet you’ll look at this with fond and warm nostalgia. If you grew up watching Will Ferrell and Danny McBride – you might not get it and think it’s too slow and the outfits don’t make sense. You might not get that the 70s were still pretty low-tech and even though things were set in the far future and out in space and they still used things like rotary phones, VHS tapes and – most importantly – smoked a lot of cigarettes.

76eRemember this guy? Mrs The IPC met him once on accident and didn’t even know who he is….

76fSo anyway, I totally fucking loved this thing and plan on watching it a LOT in my life. Thank you Table 9 Mutant for watching this and writing about it. Now – let’s all go get some French Onion soup and drink some strong beers until we’re loaded and swinging from the rafters.


  1. Yay!!!!! This is so scary. We CAN’T like the same movie! This can’t be good… The apocalypse is coming!!! ๐Ÿ˜ณ Seriously, though – I was hoping you’d like this one too. I know we’re probably alone… But we’re old enough to remember that time unlike all these kids here. #damnkids ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. GaryGreg828

    This site is so pretentious with its 5-star ratings! lol. So, Patrick Wilson is your new favorite actor despite how much you hated “Hard Candy”? Patrick Wilson became one of my favorite actors BECAUSE of Hard Candy. Ellen Page, too. Plus, they’re both in a lot of other good roles, as well.

    Hmmm…I wonder if you may like “Hard Candy” better now since you like Patrick Wilson and Ellen Page now and are so familiar with them? Would you consider giving it another watch – or is it too much for you to take??

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    • theipc

      I didn’t like Hard Candy because Ellen Page talked the entire time, at least that’s what I recall. I don’t need to listen to her for 90 minutes even if I do want to make it with Boltie!


      • GaryGreg828

        There was a lot of tension in her words, though; particularly when she had him tied-up and he tried to persuade her of his innocence. One of my favorites. I was going to perform a sequence from this w/ this talented actress in my acting class in college for an assignment, but the teacher decided it against it b/c he thought the content was too controversial. Man, she and I would have rocked that scene and gotten an A+! ๐Ÿ™‚


      • GaryGreg828

        i just watched “Midnight Special” with Michael Shannon. i think you’d like it. It didn’t finish as strong as I would have liked, but I don’t think it was bad enough to ruin it. It had a good score, too. Definitely worth watching on a flight to pass time.

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  3. I love SPACE STATION ’76 and want to strangle all of the idiots who posted badly written negative reviews on Amazon, obviously students of the Adam Sandler school of komedy who wouldn’t recognize dark humor or irony if it crawled up their butts and bloomed. Thank you for sharing the love, man.

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