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The other day I had to take the dogs to the vet and, in true vet fashion, they were playing the oldies on  the PA and, while I was sitting there minding my own business, that old Ricky Nelson song “Hello Mary Lou” came on which reminded me of my childhood and subsequently, this movie, which reminded me of this old post, which also reminded me of boobs. I remember totally loving this movie and I want to watch it again. Maybe I can find it on itunes and watch it on my next flight. In any case, since I never have any time to write anything any longer, here’s this old piece from early 2013 and ——–> NSFW! MARYLOU1I don’t know if anyone else has seen this, and I don’t know if anyone’s going to believe me, but this movie was ALL KINDS OF FUN!! Probably, if anyone else has had the pleasure of seeing this at some point in their life – they’ll probably disagree with me but I thought this was a great example of 80’s slasher material with big hair, bushy eyebrows, boobs, tiaras, zombies – solid acting for a movie like this – boobs (what??), blood, a zombie, adultery, motorcycles, a fun soundtrack, a demon rocking horse and, what else, some good, sly comedy. I don’t normally do this out on this site, but I had so much fun with this movie that I took a bunch of screen captures to tell this tale of fun, revenge, bangs and wanting to get the Prom Queen tiara…. NO MATTER WHO YOU HAVE TO KILL!!


MARYLOU2Intro Mary Lou Maloney, running through the rain to the church confessional to confess her sins: cursing… being mean… sassing her mom… screwing boys… you know – all those things The Church forbids – and, as she leaves, having written “FOR A GOOD TIME CALL MARY LOU (NUMBER)” on the wall of the confessional, she adds: “And I loved every minute of it” SMOOCH.

MARYLOU3At the prom, her and her date happily dance it up, sock-hop style, until she excuses herself to powder her nose…. and sock-hop her Hoo-Haa onto someone’s (who is NOT her date’s) – uh – Penile.

MARYLOU4Jilted and hurt, her date rescues a toilet paper roll full of shit and an explosive from the men’s room’s trashcan, drops it from the scaffold above the stage and she goes up in FLAMES!!!!! AW snap – she was good looking too : (

MARYLOU530 years later, we meet innocent, chaste and pure Vicki who won’t even go to second base with her old man Craig. In fact, her family is so pure and chaste her mom won’t even buy her a new Prom dress – making her wear the same one from last year. The BARBARITY!!!!

MARYLOU6The girl from the pic below this offers Vicki’s sad sack self some advice: “Go borrow a dress from the school’s prop department.” “Gee – that’s a brilliant idea, you hoser!!” she replies – this is a Canadian flick after all, so she goes down into the basement and cracks open this trunk, which, for no sane reason, contains the unburned clothes Mary Lou was wearing when she burned to her fiery death 30 years ago. AND the demonic spirit of Mary Lou herself!!! Consider that demon UNLEASHED!!!

MARYLOU7The first thing Mary Lou’s spirit does, before manifesting itself in Vicki’s blond body, is – – – – – – – MURDER!! This scene was a lot of fun and didn’t go the way I expected.

MARYLOU8After Vicki tries on Mary Lou’s prom dress, she becomes possessed with the vengeful spirit of the burned to death prom queen and, the next day at volleyball practice with Brian from HARD TICKET TO HOME VIDEO (he’s in the green), she passes out and starts having…. VISIONS OF PAIN AND SUFFERING THAT ARE LEGENDARY EVEN IN HELL!!! It’s not really THAT bad but she does have some fun dream visions of kids dressed in 50s gym clothes calling her Mary Lou.

MARYLOU9Her rocking horse in her room also comes alive – that’s kind of this film’s “money shot”, so to speak. What else? She also tries to violently bone her boyfriend, catches the Science teacher’s crotch on fire, “European” kisses her dad, kills her mom, and then we get the next sequence of events.

MARYLOU10“You’re acting so weird lately,” says her good looking friend whose character’s name I never caught and adds: “LIKE, OHMYGOD, LIKE, THAT DRESS! CALL THE FASHION POLICE, Y’ALL!!”

MARYLOU11The filmmakers then drop a bomb on the audience and clothes start getting shed and the two girls make it in the shower – well, mildy make it in the shower – but, considering how tame (but fun) this had been for an hour, this was pretty surprising.

MARYLOU13Some of you might remember this image from a fun contest at FILMHIPSTER’s place the other day (that blew my email to smithereens when I chose ‘notify of follow up comments by email’). This is a very fun sequence of nude cat and mouse through the girl’s locker room with some fun – and surprisingly strong – imagery…

MARYLOU14…some of this…

MARYLOU15… a little bit of this….

MARYLOU16… some of this…

MARYLOU17… and then cute girl has been crushed to oblivion with the flick of a wrist…. : (

MARYLOU18Do you remember back when I wrote that Mary Lou is going to win that Prom Queen tiara no matter who she has to murder?? Talk about rigging the computer results!!!

MARYLOU19Presenting her acceptance speech!!! I don’t know if I’ve convinced you to give this a watch or not – but I hope I have. This really was a ton of fun and had NOTHING to do with the first one. Which is OK, TYSON!!!!!! : ) Check out this fun set picture I found out there (below). Everyone seems to be having FUN!! That’s what I like most in the movies I watch – when it’s obvious people are having a good time. Not tired and boring and obviously put out with what they are doing. It seems, sometimes, that people are too stressed – everyone should relax a little – relax and fire this up on Netflix! I did go ahead and queue up the next two sequels and the remake of the first one, but I am honestly not too hopeful. We’ll see!



  1. That scene at the beginning where she is on fire and the guy who isn’t her boyfriend is on the floor screaming “No!!!” and banging his fist simultaneously amuses and horrifies me. Presumably he is screaming and fist-banging because he didn’t get to fuck her yet, Mary Lou having just broken up with her boyfriend five minutes before? Or maybe he is screaming because she is going to be burned and ugly, instead of, I don’t know, trying to save her? Nobody thought to knock her down and roll her around beating out the flames with a tuxedo jacket, they all just stand there and watch her burn when she could have lived (but then we wouldn’t have had a movie.) Prom Night 4 is a pretty fun movie too.


    • theipc

      Sounds good about 4!!

      I really liked the burning scene – when she’s staring up at him through the flames.

      And yes – you would think that, even back in the 50s, someone might have done a LITTLE bit more to help…!


  2. I’m about half way through this on YouTube. Not bad at all, would have made a perfect Dirty Sanchez review. Speaking of Dirty Sanchez, I need to choose a film for you to review for me. ha ha ha!!!! -evil laugh-


      • theipc

        You forget, my friend, that we have one in the works… YOU (and me and Wes are free) are set to go in – well, you know : )


      • You make an excellent point. We should email so I can get my head back in the game. My web series is written. We just have to film it now. So all I have going on are work, a steady stream of auditions, my blog (hahaha at my poor blog!), writing a play and writing a novel plus Rogue. Which really is less than it sounds…at least for me… 😉


      • theipc

        Sounds like I can get some face time in : ) or not! Email me when you have time. The last time we spoke in email, you wanted me to fire up a schedule. I am the Anti Scheduler… : ( I am the son of a disco loving mom and i just want everyone to take it easy and we’ll fucking figure it out if there’s a problem. Lemme know, SRA Amiga.


  3. billermo

    HML:PN2 kicks all kinds of ass. When I first watched The Faculty and saw the naked blond locker room stalk in that movie, I pointed at the screen like Donald Sutherland in Invasion of the Body Snatchers and yelled, “MARY LOU!”


    • theipc


      This movie is all kinds of fun!! Excellent to meet someone else who has – seen it! – and appreciates it!!!

      THANKS for the comment!!!


  4. I LOVE this movie. Blood, boobs, girl-on-girl shower scenes, some more blood, more boobs… 😉 But seriously, my depravity aside, this is just a really fun 80’s horror flick. So glad to meet a fellow fan. I’m really digging your site.


    • theipc

      And we all thank you. Helmet in the bush.

      There’s nothing worse than a ball hanging out of some shorts… Especially at work….


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