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ouija1The other day MRS. THE IPC wanted to watch some Pop-up Video on VH1 (anyone remember that??) but we didn’t get the channel on our cable package so we had to change our plan and ended up with every movie channel again. I had a little spare time for once in the last six months and watched this movie which I remember being pretty reviled by everyone out there. While I’m not defending this movie in any way whatsoever, at all, I think it’s time to once again remind the good people out there that there is MUCH WORSE than this. Take this for example (click the pic):


I challenge you to watch that movie and then Ouija and come back to me and tell me Ouija is the worst movie you’ve ever seen in your life. In now way is this movie great – it’s very cliche and has some laughable CGI – but….. compared to Sick Girl, it rules. ouija2Early in life, some young girls play with the board game and touch some sort of spirit. Later, as comely and skinny youths one of them tries it again for reasons undisclosed (or I missed it) and then hangs herself…..

ouija3Naturally, being the nature of this sort of sub-genre, all of her friends decide to contact her dead self using the mysterious Ouija board and encounter a hostile spirit who wants them all dead. DEAD AS FUCK!!

ouija4Have you seen it before? Sure. Do these skinny youths make stupid decisions? Sure.Is the elderly lady from the Insidious and every other horror movie in the last ten years in it? Sure. Is it better than another movie I am referencing here? Yes:

ouija7I remember when Care Gale got mad at me for not hating Paranormal Activity The Marked Ones. What can I say? It was better than See Jane Run!! I could probably very quickly list a hundred movies that are worse than this. Oh well!

P.S. This movie was previously covered (with hate) at this post HERE.


  1. Nice fair review Eric! These films ‘are what they are’ and they’re usually fun enough if you like the genre. I’ve seen some really good horrors over the years that are really no more than a teen scare fest. Some are more likable than others 🙂

    I’m glad you and family okay after Oklahoma tornado, Kim filled me in 😦

    O _ o

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    • theipc


      Thank you!! These types of movies will never go away so I don’t know why people watch them just to gripe. I actually got more out of this than I was expecting, which was not much…

      As for the tornadoes – May is “tornado season” where I live so we have to battle with them all month… SHIT!

      O _ o o _ O



  2. See, this is what I love about your reviews Eric. You don’t just jump on the hate or love band wagon. Instead you thoughtfully dissect each film, many times hilariously, so I always know what I’m getting into (or not). I think this is in my Netflix queue. Either that or there’s another movie there by the same name. I’m gonna go check it out.

    BTW, I remember Vh1s Pop Up Videos. I used to love watching that show!

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  3. PSC,

    Great write up. I have never actually gotten to this thing. Probably because it got awful reviews. Still not rushing for it, but will see how it pans out if I ever get there.


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