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SWEET HOME (2015) #badtitle #goodmovie #curiousending

sweet1As blogging goes, it seems that every fall new bloggers come around as the established folks leave – either going off to have kids, getting bored with it or finding new jobs that they can’t fuck around and write on blogs all day (like me). The purpose of saying that is that this movie is from the guys who made (rec) which reminds me of the good old early days of WordPress where us old timers had a lot of fun with those movies. Look at this old post here at Cinema Schminema. Or check out the double feature I did here on one and two. We even once had a big debate that had a couple hundred comments on (rec) 3 over at Head in a Vice but I can’t find that page any longer. Here’s the post that sponsored the “contest” we had. I really liked all of these movies, honestly – here’s my thoughts on the 4th. So, despite 3 and 4 getting out of the rabies infested apartment building and veering off into the streets of Spain, the makers of (rec) bring us back to a dilapidated and creepy apartment building with the strangely titled Sweet Home.

sweet2I imagine this was probably intended to be called Home Sweet Home but I know we have at least one of those over here in the states – one I particularly liked which I covered here. Anyway, so Sweet Home finds a lovely chick interviewing this old dude who refuses to leave his apartment even though he’s the only that lives in the basically abandoned and rotting building. “They’ll never make me leave, those mother fuckers!!” he says, in Spanish, of the real estate company who owns the joint, which we know is a bad decision since the opening credits indicate that real estate companies sometimes employ dire and diabolical other means to evict people. Crazy ass Spaniards!!

sweet3So, sweet chick brings her boyfriend into this ratty shithole for a night of food and sex on his birthday and, as she heads off to fetch up the old man’s emancipated cat she discovers……….


sweet7I really liked this – the protagonists don’t make super stupid decisions, they actually fight back and there’s a couple of really gross bits. At one point, when we were beginning our descent into HQ City here, I looked out the window and noticed that the guys sitting next to me was looking at my iPad screen and his eyes were all bugged out like WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS GUY WATCHED. That was when someone had just dropped a generator three stories on to someone’s head and squashed it.

sweet5In this next bit I am going to talk about the ending – so – read on if you like. It’s not like I’m spoiling anything – this isn’t some movie with a big twist like OH MY GOD IT WAS THE DEAD TWIN SISTER OF JESUS CHRIST THE ENTIRE TIME!!!! type of movie. I think you know what you’ll be getting into already but —– so we’ve had a good, gory time for an hour and ten minutes and then the big bad is choking the life out of the sweet chick and everything goes black. The next thing we know she wakes up, half naked on a tarp and the guy has her all marked up like….. he’s going to cut her up and…. eat her…..?

sweet6I think the scene actually worked but it really didn’t fit, if that makes any sense. After some beheadings and some skull smashing and some stabbing and some liquid nitrogen-ings he’s going to carve her up to…. eat her???? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. I mean the big fight in the finale was good fun but he’s going to……. eat her??? Curious way to end this….

Oh well – I liked it just fine and would probably watch it again  I hope everyone has a great week! I think I might not be travelling as much as I have been for the last six months so I might be around a laptop more and can do more posts / reading and shit. You’ve been dutifully warned!


  1. Sweet Pappy

    It is obvious that no one should ever trust real estate companies. They are fucking shady.
    and who takes her boyfriend for some sexy time in an abandoned building? #SMARTMOVE


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      • GaryGreg828

        I just watched, so came back and finished your review. I agree w/ your post. I was going to comment that I didn’t really like the ending much as it felt very forced and as you said out of place. I thought it was pretty good other than that. I probably didn’t like it as much as you b/c on the copy I watched half of the dialogue was in english (which was probably dubbed) and the rest in Spanish with no captions. I thought the scene with the liquid nitrogen was pretty creative. I was hoping the ending would be different, but it wasn’t bad enough to ruin the experience. Overall, a pretty good recommendation.

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      • GaryGreg828

        Just finished watching “The Other Side of the Door”. If you’re looking for recycled horror cliches, it’s definitely your movie!

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      • GaryGreg828

        I watched that in the theater back in 1999/2000. I liked it then. I’m not sure if I’d like it now. I think that may have been Arnold’s last movie before taking office and being away from movies for so long; or maybe it was “The 6th Day” or “Collateral Damage”. None of these were anything close to what he did in the 80’s and 90’s. His filmography in the 80’s and 90’s is better than any other action star in movie history. There has not been anyone since to come close to him and probably never will be. His era was when action movies were actually good; nowadays most are a joke.


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