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I can’t get any writing accomplished – here’s an OLD one from the early days of my blog, lumps and all…

I would suspect that most people would watch this and think this was a boring movie about three dopey girls and a lame home invasion. I contend that this is actually pretty good, well acted and, while not that exciting, a nice little independent thriller with a cast of four that wasn’t a bad 80 minute filler to pass the time. I really liked each of the three actresses (their looks and their acting) but I was especially enamored with the actress and character of Ruth, the dorky, naive virgin. I am sure the character called for it but she really pulled it off as shy, insecure and “soft”. Then there was the nerdy, perhaps lesbian best friend character called Deb – I thought she did a really good job too, but I thought her timing was a little bit off. We also have the slutty, pot smoking Katie who I didn’t think fit in, and she seemed older than the 17 or 18 year old character she was supposed to be. The dude didn’t deliver for me but, oh well. I have seen MANY movies much worse than this.

Our three high school graduates drive to Ruth’s parent’s cabin in the Colorado Rockies for some R&R, beer and dope before they all go their separate ways after the summer.  There’s an early shock where they find a dead fox in the freezer and then head out for some topless sun tannin’. That night they smoke some doob, drink some beer and suddenly a stranger busts in the front door. Having found a rifle earlier, they subdue the man and Ruth is dispatched to get the cops. What I liked here is that Ruth is so stoned she can’t figure out how to start the van – I like that instead of “oh man we’re out of gas” or “oh man I left the keys up where we were tanning”. They tie him up and two of them head out to the neighbors to look for help. There’s no help there, etc. etc. the guy gets loose, etc. etc. until we come to the climax and a satisfying end.

I don’t know – I liked it. It was certainly slow, very low budget and had about as much action as a crossword puzzle – but the actresses did something for me and I wasn’t bored the entire time. So – not too bad but not for everyone.


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