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intruder1Another home invasion movie…is it any good?? It’s alright. It’s REALLY REALLY slow and there’s no big payoff until the last five minutes and then midway through the credits…  MID-WAY. Ugh. I don’t want to come across as too negative but it seemed like this movie took forever. I started watching it while Mrs THE IPC was doing some training for work. Then she finished and we took a break. Then she took a bath and it still wasn’t over. Then there was still about 30 minutes left.Eventually it ended but, according to the description on iTunes, I had to stay through the credits to see the actual ending, which I did, and it wasn’t necessarily worth it, I guess. I know a few of you still read this place so, when I tell you I’ve seen much worse, you know I’m not lying but it’s nothing to rush out and spend your hard earned money on.

intruder2This thing starts off with your typical girl-home-alone-on-a-rainy-night-with-a-shadowy-figure-lurking-in-the-background motif.  After some not-so-jump-inducing scare tactics, she gets a bag over her head and we cut to the opening credits.

intruder3We then focus on a good looking blond chick playing the cello. We then see her go home. Then she takes out the trash and THE INTRUDER sneaks into her apartment:

intruder5For the next hour or so, we watch as she bathes and he sniffs her clothes in the background. She watches TV and he watches her from behind. She sleeps and he touches her cheek.  She wakes and he watches her from the other room.  She fucks her boyfriend and he watches The Sex from the closet. She takes a shower and he kills the boyfriend by stabbing and somehow the boyfriend doesn’t bleed all over the place. (???) How did that work??

intruder4Eventually she winds up with a bag on her head which is no spoiler and then something happens during the credits. I don’t hate that I watched it but it wasn’t something truly special. It looked good though!

Not to be confused with this disappointing movie which came out recently too:

intruder6or this thing that I’ve never heard of:


or this thing that I’ve heard of but never seen:



  1. Hmm. Has anyone told the Hollywood studios that they need to get a little more imagination? First there’s all the remakes and even remakes of the remakes, and now they can’t even be bothered to come up with some original titles? Hmph?😡 Anyway, I think I’ll be skipping this thanks to your warning Eric. I think we might watch Slasher on Netflix Sat. night. I hope you and Mrs. IPC have a wonderful July 4th!

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  2. GaryGreg828

    i stopped reading once you got into the plot. I like slow-burners w/ a big payoff at the end. But that’s the key, there has to be a big payoff at the end, or it’s not worth it and turns out to be a big waste of time. I may give this one a chance, but if it’s bad after a few minutes I will turn it off.

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  3. What the 1st other Intruders movie you mentioned was awesome. It had great characters and I loved the twist that happened. This one looks really bland, and I think Hush took the same premise but made it so much more effective

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