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groom1I don’t normally write about mainstream movies – I watch them but stick to more of the obscure stuff – and I know that almost everyone has put something out about this one but, based on what I’ve seen during my air travels it was either this or the miserable Cardinal Matter which I absolutely hated:

groom14I was originally interested in this because it was from the guy who did Blue Ruin which I thought was pretty fucking excellent. Then I was put off on it because everyone was going off on how good Patrick Stewart was in playing against his type and then Anton Yelchin died and everyone was saying how good he was in this and I hate hype and blah blah blah (I still can’t figure out how he got crushed by that car). Then I looked into it and it has Maeby Bluth in it! WHOOP!! I do pity those folks who haven’t ever seen Arrested Development – that was easily the best TV comedy ever – or one of the best. That third season wasn’t the greatest. The fourth season was OK but when they got away from the ensemble it was a little weak. KU-KAW KU-KAW!!


groom5If, somehow, you haven’t read about this – I thought it was actually very, very good.  Yelchin and Maeby are in a band and they see something bad happen and then they are held hostage by Stewart and his Nazi gangsters and nothing really goes right for anyone. We could talk about the acting or raise our cigarettes in the air like we’re on a fucking yacht and use the word performances and shit like that but, on this place, we don’t do that. This really is a well made movie and it was very surprisingly bloody. Spoiler: that part where Yelchin almost gets his hand cut off was gruesome and quite moving.

groom6Sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll. Jealousy, murder and revenge. Dogs and gas siphoning.  Wow – did I really just spell siphoning right on the first try?? I didn’t even type the word “just” right the first time. HA! Those are the name of the game in this one and I really did like it. I even watched it twice and the second time was even better because I was able to pay more attention to the sub-plot that’s going on behind the scenes. I didn’t kind of get it the first time around so that re-watch was worth it.  Stewart? Yes, he does just fine. Yeltin really does do a good job but I was more impressed with Maeby – or Alia Shawkat. I’m happy she’s still around and doing things I seem to like. Remember the WONDERFUL The Final Girls??


Alia Shawkat Photographed by Dan Doperalski for WWD at the Langham Hotel in PasadenaShe was one of my favorite characters / actresses on Arrested. Remember this?

groom12I’ve also been in love with Imogen Poots since 28 Weeks Later – and that’s not just because her last name is Poots. I would still like her if her name ended in Toots, Farts,  or Stinkass.

groom2Although I’m not 100% sold on those bangs she’s rocking in here:

groom3So, YEP – I really liked this and thought everyone did a good job. I’ve totally dug the two movies I’ve seen from this director so I hope he keeps it up and doesn’t sell out to do things like big summer superhero movies… remember – if you haven’t seen this and decide too – it does get pretty bloody in some places, so be careful.


  1. I hadn’t heard of this but it has two of my favorite actors, Stewart and Yelchin, so that plus your thumbs up makes this a must see for me! Have you watched Anton in Odd Thomas on Netflix? It’s not an award winner, but it’s based on one of my favorite novels by Dean Koontz and Anton did an incredible job bringing the character to life from page to screen.

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      • theipc

        #DearKim – there is nothing good about this place. On Monday I drove through what seemed like a monsoon, yesterday the heat was blazing and I lost 30 pounds of water weight through sweat. Today everyone at fucking work was crabby, probably because of the heat. To quote Green Room “this place is a nightmare”.

        Also, today I learned that an apostrophe is also called a ‘grave accent’.

        Love Eric!!


  2. I might watch this if it pops up on Netflix since I like Yelchin & worship Patrick Stewart. But I don’t expect to like it. Can’t be worse than Blue Ruin, at least! ; ) I can guarantee that not one person I know will have even heard of this movie, though – it’s not mainstream. Poots was gorgeous in 28 Weeks Later. Lovely eyes. : ) And I like that Shawkat girl okay – I really should watch The Final Girls. That seems more me. : )

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      • Octopittitties forever, man!

        I’m good, bro. Been blogging very little myself of late. Trying to force my way back in.

        Although, I’m not as busy swimming around my new pool or anything, you know? Unlike some! 😉


  3. GaryGreg828

    I liked Blue Ruin, but this one didn’t do it for me. I didn’t like the environment w/ the skinheads and I hate that kind of music the band played, so I didn’t really care for any of the characters. I watched the first half, but just became bored and turned it off b/c it just felt like a bunch of other thrillers I’ve seen dozens of times.

    So, you’re probably thinking “You idiot, how can you say this is boring and Neon Demon was good!?” and my reply is simple: I had no idea what was about to happen from scene to scene in Neon Demon. I had no idea how it would end. And I was interested to see where it was going…

    But in Green Room I can tell what was going to happen: a bunch of people were going to end up killing each other and there would be like 1-2 survivors, and I assume the survivors would be from the band, most likely Anton’s character and probably one of the females.

    Don’t ban me!!


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