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sawposter1That’s right, Most Beloveds ————–> WE’RE BACK! We had to take a break after tackling that miserable Amityville horror franchise (although – even if JB won’t admit it – we did have some fun) (and, truthfully, the break was my fault since I started my new job and rarely have time to do shit) but, like the legendary Phoenix, we rise again, burning bright, blinding you and burning your skin! Soaring into the heavens we will regale you with tales of people cutting off their own feet, digging keys out of their eye sockets and even the occasional dead pee-pee. Can we take it these beatings to our eyes and ears? Who chose this franchise?? Will JB sever our partnership forever after this?? Is that my big toe in the poster??? Better click the poster above to get started!


  1. PSC,

    Ah, to have a project again!

    On Amityville – I think I had more fun writing the reviews than I ever did watching them. Except the Ryan Reynolds one, because science. Okay, and it was rather entertaining.


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    • theipc

      It won’t be any soon – i can barely get a post together for my own site…. plus, not many people really come here any more so it probably wouldn’t get much a response : (


      • Aww that’s a bummer man. I’m sure it would get a response man, everybody loves shitfest!! Hell I’d do everything needed to organise it if you don’t have the time man, I have too much time on my hands, I’d easily be able to handle all the entries 🙂 🙂

        Just an idea…. I think everyone would love another shitfest bro, plus I’m a little bummed I only got to participate in one 😛

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