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rebirth3It’s my impression that Netflix has been putting out some good shit lately – from their Netflix Originals product – especially in TV – and some of their movies haven’t been too bad so I went into this with moderate expectations and what I thought I got wasn’t that great – but it didn’t totally suck. It was more of an irritant more than anything. Like having a hole in your sock on your long toe. That happens to me a lot. In one way, the toe is free and loose but when you put on your shoe that toe is irritated all day long. No man deserves that.

rebirth4If you look at this on IMDB, you’re going to see a lot of people referring to this as “Fight Club” or “The Game” and I thought that as I was watching it too but I wonder if they finished the movie before they did their IMDB reviews because that’s not really how it ended – so don’t judge by those professional reviews. I don’t know if this is still relevant or if this evens exists overseas (where four of my five readers live) – but this is more of an AMWAY scheme, really. I don’t know if that even exists anymore but I’ll see if I can flesh it out here.

rebirth5One thing I should point out is that I have ALWAYS disliked Adam Goldberg… ever since I first got a look at him in The Prophecy.  HAHAHA – anyone remember those posts?? Anyway, this mild mannered, good boy, good father, hard worker with a steady routine gets visited by his old buddy Goldberg one day at his office. “Remember the Manifesto, man??” Goldberg pleads. The Maniesto, of course, is a piece of notebook paper from college where they wrote “Don’t get boring” and “fuck the man” all of which Good Boy has become – as in – he is boring and works for the man. He invites Good Boy to join him at this event called Rebirth which I don’t think I need to tell you what or how that is implied.

rebirth9At first he declines but then changes his mind, of course, and soon he is getting on a bus when he meets this attractive blond. Her character seems OK at first but then she becomes one of the most irritating people I have ever seen and if she was real I would have told her to shut the fuck up a million times and distanced myself from ever seeing her again in my entire fucking life.

rebirth7The following is not verbatim but it’s close. This is a ten minute conversation the two of them have outside of the big Rebirth party:

Good Boy: Are you telling me you want me to leave?
Attractive Blond: Why would I be telling you that?
GB: Is this part of the deal?
AB: Why would this be part of the deal?
GB: I don’t understand what’s going on.
AB: What do you think is going on?
GB: Should I go back in there?
AB: Do you think you should go back in there?
GB: Why are you talking in riddles?
AB: Why do you think I’m talking in riddles?
AB: What do you think is going on here?

And that happens at least THREE times.


Eventually he makes it through the Rebirth ordeal and leaves and it turns out all they wanted was all of his money he has made working for The Man. Goldberg shows his dong, threatens to kill his kid and Good Boy joins the Rebirth Nation.

I think I made this sound like it’s total shit but it wasn’t THAT bad. I was compelled enough to finish it, at least. BUT – if you’re looking for something really good to watch from Netflix Originals – I highly recommend:

rebirth10I watched the first episode one day for no reason and I was totally hooked. Here’s a teaser:

rebirth11I’m not one of those guys who has the patience to review an entire season of a TV show but I REALLY liked it and I hope they do a season two. As for Rebirth – it wasn’t horrible but I don’t see repeated viewings coming up.

P.S. Harry Hamlin is in this for about ten minutes as an orgy instigator…


  1. Tom

    I think that Nicky Whalen chick was the hot girl in like the second post I ever posted, and she wasn’t so much annoying in it as she was stereotypical. Chick is hot but aint got no skillzzzzz

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hehehe, you certainly do make it sound like you hated the movie! Sounds pretty average, I think I’ll skip it 😀

    And that guy annoys me too!! He gave me the shits in Fargo S01 and in another movie that I can’t remember.

    Sounds like Netflix has some decent TV shows. I’ll have to give them a try, the only TV I watch is cartoons. Or Fargo 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You are correct, Marcela is quite excellent. At the time I was watching River – also excellent, then I watched Spotless, Doctor Foster – both excellent as well and am now catching up on Rectify. All on Netflix – all great.


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