Isaacs Picture Conclusions


I just watched this for the first time in three years and I really liked it again. Then I checked out this post from THREE YEARS ago and thought it would be OK to share again. I’m really starting like Liev Shreiber. I love him in Ray Donovan. I also loved how this thing too it’s time and did it right. Love it.


I don’t know how short I am going to keep this because sometimes I have one, maybe two beers and get wordy, but I am going to do my best to leave many details out of here because I don’t want to spoil anything up.  I really, really liked this movie – I liked it so much I watched it twice (and I liked it better the second time). You can look out on IMDB and see things like “THIS IS FUCKING TERRIBLE BULLCRAP” and “FUCK YOU MOVIE YOU RUINED MY LIFE!!!!!!” or even “YOU FUCKING RIPPED OFF ALIEN YOU MOTHER FUCKER I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!” (That last one I don’t really get since this takes place on a planet and not in space and there’s no aliens in it). But I disagree with those passionate idiots people and, while I found some of the dialogue too muttery, the science a little iffy and don’t really understand why something is happening like it does, the overall movie really worked for me and I’m glad I rented it. Hopefully after this is more widely released we can conversate about a question I have. I liked it!


Some astronauts / scientists are up on Mars searching for signs of life. No spoiler – they find some in the first ten minutes. And it’s not good. I realize the concept is not 100% original – but to make something like this work, you’re going to have to have good actors, playing good characters and use them correctly – which I think they did very well here. Of course you need good visuals and effects to make a movie like this, which are also evident. And something else that I really liked about this? The fucking score! It was beautiful and really added to the experience – all the way up to the end.


Another thing – I really believed in the characters / the cast – I really felt like they had relationships. Like there’s this one part where Schrieber is trying to subdue another person and he’s all “PLEASE STOP!” and you can hear the sympathy in his voice because he doesn’t want to hurt his friend and, of course, he doesn’t want to get hurt. You don’t get that in many Sci Fi movies. And the scene this still below comes from – it didn’t move me to fucking tears or anything, or leave me heart broken and breathless, but I thought it was effective enough .


In the end, I really liked this – a lot – and all of those people out there bitching about the technical aspects of it. Calm the fuck down for fuck’s sake, this is a Science FICTION movie, not Science Class. Throughly enjoyable. I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!!



  1. I love when people bitch about science fiction, because it’s like, okay, where do you start with critiquing the realism of something that can never happen? Like watching a Godzilla movie and complaining about the acting being unconvincing. Also, Liev Schrieber’s presence is enough to make me watch this.


  2. You’re right, this isn’t some lameass science class. Just lighten up and enjoy the show you dinks. I would love to live in a world where every single thing I’ve seen in a science-fiction movie is possible. The gadgets, the aliens, the death and destruction. Time travelling to a planet ruled by highly intelligent apes… ‘c’mon, you know that shit would be so awesome.


    • theipc

      My day is complete!! Linnea Quigley retweeted one of my tweets, I’m taking a half day off and I’ve read the word “dinks”!!

      I know – everyone just needs to lighten the fuck up!!

      Have a good weekend Smash!!


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